You Can Now Buy Crocs With Built-in Socks—Because Why Not?!

Everyone's favorite ugly-wonderful shoes just got even more so.

The lifestyle brand Alife teamed up with Crocs to give the shoe company's footwear some new twists, and the results—while not necessarily anything we've been looking for—are interesting.

The three shoe styles that make up the Alife x Crocs collection have been making the internet rounds, and the unique pair featuring built-in socks has caught people's attention.

Alfie Crocs

(via Alife New York)

The Crocs with socks, besides sounding like they're the subject of a Dr. Seuss book, are one of the three new styles in the collection, according to WWD. Known as the "sport style," they're set to retail for $140. It's a steep price tag, especially when you consider that they probably come with complicated cleaning instructions.

Getting the shoes on everyone's feet doesn't really seem like Alife's intent. The "classic style" is the most affordable of the three at $80, while the "art style" will sell for a whopping$600. That particular shoe is "more of a collectors' item," according to WWD, with the style featuring 3-D printed Jibbitz inspired by New York City. Alife and Crocs only produced 100 of the art and sport styles, and 300 pairs of the classic style.

Alife x Crocs collection goes on sale June 14, so if it hurts you to see the shoes with socks, you may have to look away.


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