Every Fun Fact You Need to Know About YouTube Star Alisha Marie

We see plenty of fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers on YouTube, but none quite like Alisha Marie.

Her videos are unique, hilarious and totally speak to our soul. If you don't know her yet, now's your chance. Scroll through and read all about her.


(Photo Credit: Randy Nakajima)

Name: Alisha Marie

Birthplace: Riverside, California

Birthday: April 5

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Fun Facts:

1. We love her channel as it is, but she told Sweety High she'd love to do more scripted content on YouTube. This is an idea we wholeheartedly dig.

2. She loves those gorgeous pink drinks at Starbucks as much as the next girl, but her go-to beverage is an Iced Almond Latte with extra caramel drizzle in the cup.

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3. She recently binged Riverdale on Netflix and doesn't regret it.

4. She's always down to check out a new brunch spot, but her fave place to eat is Urth Caffe.

5. She can't live without popcorn, whether she's at the movies or not.

6. Whenever she needs a good cry, she just puts on Titanic.  

7. She admits she has a serious penny boarding addiction but knows how to look cute while doing it. ????????

8. If anyone wanted to make a movie about her life, Jennifer Lawrence is who she'd want to play her. That's a movie we would definitely want to see.


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