All Eyes on Kevin

Kevin the baby Kestral, thought to be 4 weeks old, was found in St Albans, Hertfordshire earlier this week and was rushed to St. Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital with a broken leg- after falling from his nest. After a 30 minute operation, the baby bird was as good as new in a makeshift cast created from a hypodermic needle, wire, and the signature purple gauze.

Les Stocker, the hospital founder said, "Doing the best job possible was very important. Kestrels will hover over their prey and then drop, using their legs to grab a mouse or something, so having the use of their legs is absolutely vital…Fortunately this one is a marvelous little bird and started hobbling around almost immediately."

Kevin is currently recovering on a diet of sliced mice and is estimated to leave the hospital sometime in September after he grows his full plumage.

Best of Luck Kevin! ♥♥♥