Calum Worthy Stars In New Romantic Comedy, All She Wishes!

Lexi Giovagnoli and Austin & Ally star Calum Worthy star in the upcoming Valentine's Day teen romantic comedy, All She Wishesall she wishes calum worthy lexi giovagnoli

In the film, Lexi plays Sophie O'Dea, a high schooler who keeps to herself and doesn't think too highly of her peers.

On Sophie's birthday, she receives an old but beautiful car from her kooky grandmother, Grace. Grace tells Sophie that the car has magical powers, but of course, Sophie doesn't believe her.

When Sophie makes an offhand wish that she'll have a date to her school's Girls Ask Guys Valentine's Day dance, she's shocked when she opens the trunk of her car to find a cute, funny actor from L.A., named Drake (Calum Worthy). 

It appears her wish has come true, but Sophie and Drake can't agree on anything. And every time she tries to get rid of him, he appears yet again in the trunk of her car.

To get rid of him once and for all, she realizes she must fulfill her wish and take him to the dance. But as the date approaches, she realizes the two might not be so incompatible, and decides to mend things with Drake before he has to head back home and she might lose him forever!

All She Wishes premieres on Digital and On Demand on January 20, 2015! We absolutely can't wait to check it out and see Calum in a way we've never seen him before!

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