13 Moments From the "Allegiant" Trailer We Can't Stop Rewatching

The third part in the Divergent series, Allegiant, just hit the internet in a big way with a trailer that asks a LOT more questions than it answers. If you aren't already scratching your head and dying in anticipation for this movie, here are 13 things we're asking after watching the Allegiant trailer!

1. That was a hologram wall? Who are all of these people?!?



2. Do we have to be Divergent to have a romance like FourXTris? ?



3. Where has THIS been hiding for this whole series?



4.  And WHO in the world is this cutie?!?

ashleys fave


5. Why is this woman hardcore flirting with Four? BACK OFF PLEASE.



6. AND WHY ARE YOU SHOOTING AT HIM?!? Even if there's a shield there, that's seriously not cool.



7. Is he flirting back? SAY IT AIN'T SO ?



8. Why is Four rocking this fierce red camo…



9. While Tris is looking so spotless and pristine? Why isn't our girl on the frontlines?!?



10. WHAT?!?



11. Where can we get one of these???



12. And how are our heroes going to even make it out of this movie alive so they can make Ascendant?



13. Lastly, do we REALLY have to wait until March 10 to get all of our answers?!? ?



If you haven't seen it yet, here's the whole glorious trailer for your viewing pleasure.


If the wait is as painful to you as it is for us, click here to take the test and find out which faction you belong to. OR, you might be totally Divergent!