All People With Allergies Will Relate to These 10 Occurrences

Gather 'round my fellow allergy sufferers, for I am here to tell you you're not alone.

Those of us with the sniffles and watery eyes can always relate to the following 10 moments:

1. That feeling when the first hint of pollen is in the air.

2. When you have to cancel plans because your eyes are swollen shut.

3. When you see a cute animal that you can't pet because your allergies will literally kill you.

4. When you have to thoroughly scour the menu for the food you're not allergic to.

woman in restaurant reading menu
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5. That feeling when you're not sure if you have an Epi Pen in your bag and you see a bee headed your way.

6. Your best friend is your vacuum—to trap all that gross dust.

7. When you try to look cute as your crush walks by when you really have to sneeze.

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8. Using half a bottle of makeup setting spray to avoid black mascara tears.

9. Your friends know not to bother saying "bless you" because you're just going to sneeze 100 more times.


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10. That moment of terror when you run out of tissues.

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