Every day we’re discovering more and more reasons to love Alli Simpson. If you’re not already a huge fan, check out these 12 reasons Alli should be your Woman Crush Wednesday this week!alli simpson wcw

1. She knows how to rock a red carpet, either as a host or a star, and we LOVE hanging out with her

alli simpson alex schiffman brooke taylor red carpet cinderella

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2. Her big bro is Cody Simpson. Can siblings get any cooler?

alli simpson and cody simpson big brother and little sister

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3. She’s featured in the new Mudd Jeans campaign. We’d steal all of those outfits in a second

mudd jeans alli simpson

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4. She makes a great leading lady (and is super gorgeous in The Fooo Conspiracy’s “Roller Coaster” vid)

5. She knows that a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do

alli simpson interview jessie j false lashes copy

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6. Her blog is fabulously written and seriously inspiring.

alli simpson blog dont be afraid of change

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7. The girl can SING

8. She knows how to accessorize like to other (which is probably why Disney Style recruited her as a guest blogger)

alli simpson shoes and style

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9. Her priorities are definitely in order

alli simpson may your clothes be comfy  your voffee be strong and your monday be short

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10. The Alli Simpson Show on Radio Disney proves she’s literally the best radio DJ ever

the alli simpson show on radio disney

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11. She knows how to appreciate the simple things (and make us appreciate them, too)

alli simpson rather have flowers in my hair than diamonds around my neck

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12. Plus she happens to be a beauty guru

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