Allie X on Cape God, Digital Tours and the Unreleased Demo She Can't Wait to Share

After releasing her powerful Cape God album in February of this year, Canadian singer-songwriter Allie X was set to headline a tour through North America and Europe. Then, the pandemic hit and changed all of her plans.

But that hasn't been enough to stifle the artist's creativity. In fact, she's putting on an epic Cape God Digital Concert on Thursday, Dec. 17 (tickets available here) to allow fans the full stadium experience from the safety of their homes. And that's not all—she's also gearing up to release a limited-edition double LP of her first two records, CollXtion I and CollXtion II, which will include never-before-heard demos from that time.

Basically, it's these are the holiday gifts her fans have been waiting for, and since we're obsessed, we had to ask her all about them. Keep reading to find out what this digital concert means to her, Allie X's favorite track off Cape God and so much more.

Sweety High: Has it been a challenge not being able to tour this year?

Allie X: Sort of. It's presented some challenges, but in my case, the advantages have been greater. Not being in a different city every two weeks (or sometimes every day) has allowed me to calm the f down and focus on the most important aspects of my life. Lots of perspective. That said, if I knew I could never tour again, I'd be very sad. I miss the thrill, meeting the people who support me, sweating and flipping my hair around on stage and seeing the world.

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SH: What has your musical process looked like this year, and how has it differed from a typical year?

Allie X: I have found myself super interested in producing again. I started working the way I had in 2012 before things got super busy for me. By myself, on my laptop, with a synth and a lot of time to mess around. It's been fun.


SH: What about your live Cape God Digital Concert are you most excited for?

Allie X: To connect with my fans in a performance space again and not one with a crappy camera and crackly audio!


SH: How have you felt that the tracks on Cape God differ from what you've released in the past? What different sides of yourself, and your experience, do you feel you shared on the album for the first time?

Allie X: It felt a little less shrouded and symbolic (though still slightly shrouded and symbolic) and more honest and low key. I shared experiences that were painful and carved me into who I am.

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SH: Do you have a favorite track off of Cape God?

Allie X: I think "Regulars" is my favorite. Hard to say why, it just feels like a really strong representation of what I'm about and I'm really proud of the writing.


SH: Is there an unreleased demo from your upcoming double LP that you're most excited for fans to hear?

Allie X: "Yes—"Glam"! I can't believe I didn't release it on CLX I.

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SH: Is there anything else you want fans to know?

Allie X: That I miss them and I'm so grateful that they allow me to live this privileged life as an artist.


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