Allstar Weekend Talks Love, Success, and "Blame it on September"

Allstar Weekend took over the airwaves at Radio Disney to chat about their latest single "Blame it on September" and to talk about the free concert they are going to be holding.

They announced the details of the free show for their fans on Twitter, saying, "Our free show on October 15th is now at Hollywood and Highland. See you guys there!"

The album, All The Way, was released yesterday and we love what we've been hearing!

The band even performed on Good Morning America in New York City, where the guys chatted about their latest single and how much their life has changed in such a short amount of time.

Zach even shared the inspiration for "Blame it on September, saying, "It was nothing too special. Just met a girl at a fair once and…well, it happens to everyone, I guess. We liked each other, we hung out and then at the end of summer, we went to different schools and she wanted to break up. So, it kind of sucked."

Not to worry Zach, we have a feeling that there will be a lot more girls for you in the future.