16 Bold Ally Brooke Lyrics to Use as Your Next Instagram Caption

We love to see Ally Brooke carving out her own musical path and thriving as a solo artist.

The singer has been pretty prolific since she made her solo debut in 2018, and with her debut, Spanish-language album Mi Música set to premiere this year, we know that more great music is right around the corner. We just can't get enough—and if you're in the same boat, keep scrolling for our very favorite of Ally's lyrics to use as Instagram captions.

For when you're single and loving it:

"I already know I'm fabulous. I don't need no one else."



For when one kiss tells you everything you need to know about someone:

"I can tell your lips don't lie."

-"Lips Don't Lie"


For when things start looking up:

"Things are finally gone my way. It's getting brighter, no trouble in sight."

-"Feeling Dynamite"


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For that pic of your stunning, powerful group of besties:

"We're all beautiful. It's more than physical, more than skin deep, 'cause we're all magical."

-"The Truth Is in There"


For when you know you should walk away, but you can't:

"You put me through hell, but I can't quit you, for heaven's sake."

-"No Good"


For when it's finally time to shoot your shot with your crush:

"I feel a certain way when you're around me. I've tried too many times, but I can't hide it. I really gotta know if it's unrequited."

-"500 Veces"


For the pic of you and the one who embraces all your flaws:

"Every time I feel like I ain't really worth it, then you say I'm perfect."



For when you're moving on to bigger and better things:

"You know that I'd love to stay, but I'm already on my way."



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For when you're indulging in that super greasy cheeseburger, even though you know it's bad for you:

"My heart only wants what it wants."

-No Good"


For when that person is no longer welcome in your life:

"Ride a bike, take a hike, I don't want you here."



For that downright gorgeous mirror selfie:

"I got my flaws, but man, I'm gorgeous."



For flaunting the creation you made from scratch:

"Turnin' nothing into somethin'."

-"What Are We Waiting For?"


For celebrating that person who loves you for you:

"You're not trying to change me, even though I'm crazy."



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For professing your undying loyalty:

"Whenever the wind blows, I'm right there, as long as you love me."

-"All Right There"


For when you're the one in charge, and you think the world should know it:

"I'm the president. I'm the boss. I'm the queen. I'm the princess. I'm the law. I'm the lady of the manor."



For when you're trying to send someone a hint that they should make the first move:

"Low key, low key, you should really get to know me."

-"Low Key"


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