Here's What You Need to Know About Marvel's Cloak & Dagger Actress Ally Maki

Marvel's Cloak & Dagger is becoming a fast fave of ours right behind Runaways.

One of the show's newest characters Mina Hess, is played by the fabulous Ally Maki. Here's exactly what you need to know about her.

#WCW Ally Maki

(Photo credit: Ryan West)

Name: Ally Maki

Hometown: Kirkland, Washington

Birthday: Dec. 29

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Fun Facts:

1. She's a huge gamer.

"I used to play Donkey Kong every day in middle school, but my current obsession is playing the new Mario Kart on Nintendo Switch. It never gets old!"

–Ally Maki

2. She's made an ultra-glam life for herself due to all her hard work over the years. The biggest risk she says she's ever taken is moving out to Los Angeles when she was 14 to pursue acting.

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3. Her current Netflix binge is Wild Wild Country.

4. She could never live without highlight. That's why her cheeks always look ????. 

"I'm an avid collector of them. Charlotte Tilbury, Dior and Glossier are all at the top of my list."

–Ally Maki

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5. She'll be first to admit how clumsy she can be.

"I've fallen down multiple flights of stairs over the course of my life."

–Ally Maki

6. Her all-time favorite day of the year is New Year's Eve.

7. She's so stoked to be playing Mina, but she thinks the best Marvel character is Groot.

"Not only is he adorable, but I love that you know his exact innermost thoughts and feelings even through the repetition of one line of dialogue. WE ARE ALL GROOT."

–Ally Maki

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