Here's What Alterna's Caviar Anti-Aging Intensive Ceramide Shots Can Do For Your Hair

These days, with my hair going past my belly button, I have to pay a little extra attention to the way I take care of my hair.

It's easier because I've never dyed my hair and I haven't used heat tools or even a blowdryer on it in years, but I do make sure to condition it daily to keep my hair strong and healthy. Of course, I'm always open to trying products that can help me even further improve the quality of my hair, such as Alterna's new Caviar Anti-Aging Intensive Ceramide Shots.

This unique, single-dose serum is made just for strengthening and rejuvenating hair, and when the team at Alterna asked me if I'd like to learn more about the product and try it out for myself, I jumped at the opportunity. Keep reading to find out what the capsules are all about, and what happened when I gave them a shot.

The Brand

Alterna is a brand that aims to elevate typical haircare, inspired by skincare to turn taking care of your hair into a sensory-rich self-care ritual. Their Caviar line is based on the idea that indulgent luxury experiences for your hair will make your 'do look as good as you feel. They have a clean philosophy and make projects that leave hair completely rejuvenated, and those ideas are fully apparent in their Caviar Anti-Aging Intensive Ceramide Shots.

These single-dose capsules consist of biodegradable capsules filled with nourishing hair serum. Just twist off the tip and apply it to damp or dry hair for great results. They're designed with ingredients including hydrolyzed silk for conditioning and improving the feel of hair, plus Ceramide NP to prevent hydration loss while protecting hair from UV rays and breakage from brushing. It boosts hair strength and health, repairs damage and reduces frizz, all while making hair look shiny and smooth. It also provides thermal protection against heat tools and blowdrying. It can be used to turn conditioner into a treatment by adding serum to the product and leaving it in the hair for three to five minutes before rinsing. The fact that they don't require water and that they come in portable capsules also makes them super convenient for gals on the go.

Each jar contains 25 single-use capsules and retails for  $45.


The Experience

As soon as I received my package of Alterna's Caviar Anti-Aging Intensive Ceramide Shots, I was eager to try them out. After my morning shower, I towel-dried my hair until it was just damp, and then turned to my jar of ceramide shots. Firstly, they come in a very nice glass jar that can be reused once you're done with it. Secondly, it's filled with 25 capsules, which almost resemble small and thin purple balloons with a pointed tip.

Alterna Caviar Ceramide Shots jar

(via Alterna)

Twisting off that tip was super simple, and from there, I just had to squeeze all of the clear serum into my palms before applying it to my hair. It had a texture very similar to most skin serums I've tried, and a subtle but clean scent, and I applied it from the mid-length of my hair to the ends, and it happened to be just the right amount. After that, I just brushed it like I normally would, and left it in before waiting to see the results. After that first use, I didn't see any major changes, but my hair did look shiny and healthy.

Alterna Caviar Ceramide Shots and serum

(via Alterna)

I also love the sustainable element of the shots. When I'm done with the purple containers, I can just throw them in the compost. They can apparently also be boiled in water and turned into a nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer for plants once the liquid cools back down, though I haven't tried that myself.

And after using it daily after a couple of weeks, I'm definitely seeing a difference. I have fewer split-ends, no breakages at all and my hair even has a slight wave to it that isn't normally there. It looks incredibly healthy, bouncy and vibrant, and I think I'll be pretty sad when I use up the last pod in the jar!

Alterna Caviar Ceramide shots pouring out

(via Alterna)


Bottom Line

In my experience, Alterna's Caviar Anti-Aging Intensive Ceramide Shots really get the job done, making hair stronger, healthier and better-looking overall, with very little effort. The shots are super convenient, and I also appreciate the sustainable aspect of the brand with all of their packaging. If there's one sticking point, it's the price. $45 for 25 shots amounts to $1.80 a day, which definitely adds up over time—but if you're looking for results in the simplest package possible, you really can't go wrong with them.


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