If You're Always Pursuing a Relationship, You'll Relate to These 5 Things

We love love, but sometimes, it can be quite the hassle for us single gals.

There are times in our lives when we're meant to be single—we thrive on it. There are other times, however, when we so desperately want someone consistently by our side. If you find yourself in the latter group of girls, don't worry, you're not alone. Whether you're constantly scrolling through your IG feed in search of an S.O., or you hit up the local coffee shop in the hopes of meeting your dream partner, it's a pretty daunting life.

We bet you'll relate to these five things if you're the one always pursuing a romantic relationship:


1. You've Made the First Move and Asked Your Crush(es) Out

In this day and age, dating and asking someone out is fair game. A lot of us are more reserved and don't like making the first move, but you can't relate. If you're crushing on someone, you'll make it crystal clear and ask them out on a date. With that said, though, you've also had your fair share of rejection. You've learned to brush it off and move on, even though it definitely stings when someone doesn't share your feelings.

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2. You've Stopped Doing the Things You Normally Love

Since you're in pursuit of a romantic relationship, you've been focusing way too much time and energy on it, leaving no room for your regular activities. You've found that you read less, are on your phone more and don't make other important things a priority. You don't hang out with your friends as much because you secretly hope something better will pop up.


3. You're a Hopeless Romantic

You're a diehard hopeless romantic. Movies like The Notebook and The Last Song seriously tug at your heartstrings. You regularly daydream about finding a love like Noah and Allie's—really any couple that's been through the wringer and still ended up together. You might "accidentally" bump into a cutie or drop something in front of them, with the hopes that they'll strike up a convo with you and you'll fall madly in love in a day.

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4. You've Been on More First Dates Than All Your Friends Combined

Although you might not like the title—sorry to say it—you're a serial dater. Whether you're addicted to the high it gives you or you enjoy getting free meals, you always find yourself on first dates. Actually, you've likely been on more first dates than seconds, thirds and so on. You might even get jabbed at by your friends for the amount of first dates you've been on, and if you were to do the math, you'd probably find out you've been on more first dates than all of your friends combined.


5. You Hate Being Alone

Call it whatever you like, but you are no loner. You love having people around you at all times, and you don't even know what to do when you have the house to yourself for more than 20 minutes. Nothing can keep your attention—not a face mask, not even your fave show or movie, as you'd rather enjoy it with someone you're crushing on. This isn't to say you're the girl who's always in a relationship, but you're definitely the girl who'like to be in a relationship.

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