Amanda Seales Talks Healing—and Informing—With Comedy, and Teaming Up With HeadCount

Amanda Seales has always made it a point to make a change with her comedy, but on her new Black Outside Again Tour, she's mobilizing fans to show up where it really counts.

The comedian, actress, writer and producer is known for her standup specials, hosting gigs and roles in series including HBO'Insecure, and her incredible knack for bringing light to the big, important topics of the day with a humorous touch. That's what made HeadCount the perfect partner for her tour. The organization is all about getting people interested in democracy and helping them register to vote, and we got the chance to chat with Amanda all about what their cause means to her, and the messages she hopes to spread on tour.

Sweety High: What does the name of your Black Outside Again Tour mean to you? How do you feel that this tour is different from the ones of the past?

Amanda Seales: The onset of the pandemic was impactful on everyone and on top of that were the BLM protests and the constant images of police brutality. This tour was me saying, it's time to get up off the couch and bring some joy and some sanity to my people and to myself! I feel like this tour is different because it is happening in the midst of so many negative shifts in what we've come to know as America. I make a point of addressing those things and making people feel seen who find themselves overwhelmed by all of it.

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SH: Have you found that packaging important topics with a humorous twist can help you communicate them more effectively? Why do you think that is?

AS: Absolutely! Because laughter opens folks up. It is freeing. It is joy. Once you bring joy to someone, they begin to trust you. So, once you get folks in that trusting state of mind, they are more willing and able to receive truths and consider concepts that without that laughter may have met with opposition.


SH: What does it mean to you to be able to use your platform to get the word out about these really important issues?

AS: Everything. This is what I'm here for. In this life, this is my purpose. So, to carry that out is of great importance. Some may not understand because for them it's about money. It's about fame. This is about art and activism and connection.

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SH: How did your partnership with HeadCount come to be? Why did their mission resonate so strongly with you, and what does that partnership look like?

AS: I told my team that I wanted to use this tour in as many ways as possible to speak the truth to change. Voting is an imperative tool for creating that in this country. Headcount's mission is built on the same principle. So it was a natural fit. They will be registering voters at my shows and turning my tour into a one-stop shop for fighting for our joy and fighting the power.


SH: Why is registering to vote—and checking your voter registration status if you're already registered—more important this year than ever?

AS: To be "Black Outside Again" is not just to be back in theaters and comedy clubs enjoying entertainment. It's also to be back together in the community. It is that community that needs to band together in a number of ways including showing our unified power through being informed voters!


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

AS: I hope that when people leave an Amanda Seales comedy show, they feel seen, heard and remember that contrary to what is going on in the world, they are sane and deserving of love and laughter!

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(via Amanda Seales)


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Check out upcoming dates for the Black Outside Again Tour below!

  • Sep. 30: Bayou Music Center, Houston, Texas
  • Oct. 1: Louisville Palace Theatre, Louisville, Kentucky
  • Oct. 8: Fillmore, Detroit, Michigan
  • Oct. 15: Fox Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia
  • Oct. 29: Kings Theatre, Brooklyn, New York
  • Nov. 3: James K Polk Theater, Nashville, Tennessee


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