Amanda Steele Discusses Her MakeupbyMandy24 Page!

Amanda Steele is a YouTube beauty guru best known by YouTube handle, MakeupbyMandy24. She recently turned 14, and is one of the youngest gurus on YouTube!

Amanda Steele makeupbymandy24We spoke to Amanda recently about her history as a YouTube personality and where she finds her inspiration!

Amanda first got involved with YouTube not because she wants to make videos, but because she wanted to watch them.

"I was 10 and in love with fashion and really wanted to be a fashion designer, so I would look up videos on how to sew and make things," she said.

Though she never did learn how to sew, looking through fashion videos allowed Amanda to discover YouTube's flourishing beauty community.

"I fell in love with makeup and all things beauty, so that's why I started my channel!" she said. "I still had a big interest in fashion, so that's how I started to branch off."

It took Amanda a while to build the fan base of nearly half a million subscribers that she has today.

"I was a 10 year old girl making bad quality videos, so I didn't get too many subscribers and views at first," Amanda explained.

She remembers uploading her first video to YouTube.

"I got a comment on it and I freaked out and got so excited!" she said.

Initially, her number of subscribers did not grow too quickly.

"I was shocked to have just 1 subscriber, so more than that was crazy!" she said.

As Amanda put more time into her videos and learned to edit them to make them look more professional, the number of subscribers grew.

Amanda also said she believes she has so many fans because of her age.

"I think a lot of girls are attracted to my videos because I'm one of the youngest beauty gurus and I feel like the viewers can relate to me much more," she said. "I was 10 when I started watching YouTube videos, and I would have died to have a girl to watch that wasn't way older than me!"

As a young fashionista, Amanda uses YouTube as a way to gauge new trends and see what new ideas are out there.

"I've always had a passion to find the new trends and wear them!" she said. "I get tons of inspiration from new trends, people I admire, and even the beauty community on YouTube!"

She explained that she looks to other YouTube beauty gurus for all kinds of fashion and beauty inspiration.

"YouTube is where I grew up, so everything on there is just like how a big sister would help you," she said. "I enjoy watching lookbooks and then getting outfit inspiration from them! Also, if I'm looking for a new makeup product, I look at what everyone is saying is the best."

She also uses their videos as inspiration for her own vlogs and tutorials, since a lot of topics stay relevant now matter how many videos there are about them. She also likes to be super timely when it comes to making videos.

"I like to make videos that are for special events that are going on," she said. "For example, it's getting close to back-to-school, so I am planning all my videos out for school inspired tutorials."

We asked Amanda about if there have been any particularly special moments in her YouTube career. She wasn't able to pick just one!

"Every day is special for me," she said. "The increase of subscribers and support is amazing! But, I recently joined a network and that really showed me that this is a big deal. It showed me that I can really go places with this little YouTube and I'm so excited for my future!"

Her advice for other young aspiring beauty gurus is to be yourself, and not to try to be just like the other beauty vloggers our there to try to gain subscribers.

"If you really think about it, I'm sure all of your favorite beauty gurus have different personalities and video styles," she explained.

Amanda also wanted to let her subscribers know how important they all are to her!

"I'd just want them to know that YouTube is my life and I could never imagine my life without it," Amanda said. "I love all my subscribers and I am striving to always improve my videos even when I'm having a rough patch."

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