9 Empowering Amandla Stenberg Quotes to Use as Instagram Captions

Amandla Stenberg is only 19, but to say she's wise beyond her years is an understatement!

The Hunger Games and Everything, Everything star came out as queer in 2016—an event she discussed in a recent Wonderland Magazine interview (where she came out as fully gay), along with the evolution of her sexuality and her desire to be a catalyst of change—and has since become an inspiration to those struggling to find and embrace their true selves.

There are countless inspiring young people to look up to, but Amandla is particularly confident, articulate and comfortable in her own skin. Basically, we wish we had the ability to channel her level of self-assurance.

Though that will come in time, we can use her words as a feel-good boost in the meantime. Keep scrolling for nine empowering quotes from the young actress that make perfect Instagram captions.

For a photo when you need some motivation:

"If you work hard, it will pay off."

For a photo showing your mom some love:

"My mom reminds me that all things are possible."

For a photo honoring those who have helped you learn and grow:

"I have so many mentors [who] fostered my identity as I grow into myself."

For a photo when you're trying something new:

"It's really cool to have the ability to try on being different people and to explore some parts of yourself because you get to know yourself better. You get to know parts of yourself that you haven't met before."

For a photo acknowledging the difficulty of growing pains:

"You forget that there are actually so many different sides of identity. And it's important to recognize that everyone is completely different."

For a photo celebrating your love of reading:

"There's so much power in allegory, to form ideas and learn lessons that you can actually take and apply to real life."

For a photo when you want to express yourself:

"It's a tiny revolution to express yourself fully and be who you want to be, especially when systems tell you that you can't."

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For a photo when you're feeling invincible:

"I've realized that it's okay to take my time figuring it out and exploring different aspects of myself instead of fixating on one idea of who I am."

For a photo celebrating your squad:

"Sometimes I meet teenagers who are much wiser than many adults I've met, because they haven't let any insecurities or doubts about themselves get in the way of their thoughts."


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