Why Amandla Stenberg Should Be Your #WCW This Week

Amandla Stenberg has been all over the news this week for taking a stand on cultural appropriation when others won't. Our Woman Crush last week, tennis star Serena Williams, would be proud!  Amandla is definitely our #WCW this week, and here's why she should be yours, too!

Amandla instantly became our fav playing the sweet yet fierce Rue in The Hunger Games. She makes us cry every time.

In this VERY important, very thoughtful video called "Don't Cash Crop On My Cornrows," Amandla takes on the issue of cultural appropriation. It's amazing, so just watch it.

Amandla is all about making the world a better place. She's a long-time supporter of No Kid Hungry, which aims to end childhood hunger, and we couldn't think of a better cause to get behind.

She also teams up occasionally with her BFF Zander Hawley to create the folk band Honeywater. She plays violin and sings!

Twitter has started a movement to cast a woman of color as the lead in the film version of John Green's Looking for Alaska, and a LOT of people have been suggesting Amandla for the part. We would love love love to see this happen, and it looks like Amandla is on board.

Because she's pretty much Taylor Swift's #WCW, too.

And Amandla truly knows the value of women supporting other women instead of tearing each other down. 

Plus, she's basically a fashion icon, constantly showing us that natural hair is beautiful, however she decides to wear it. 

Why do you love Amandla? List the reasons she's YOUR #WCW in the comments below, and suggest the Woman Crush Wednesday you'd love us to feature next week!