Amber Fillerup Recreates Some Stunning Met Gala Looks

This year's Met Gala exceeded our wildest dreams.

Themed "American Independence," this year's gala saw all of Hollywood's best come out to absolutely slay. The outfits were stunning and gave us major FOMO, but you know what we were most impressed by? The hair! With beautiful 'dos from people like Kristen Stewart, Gigi Hadid, Storm Reid and more, there were tons of looks we fell in love with.

One of our fave influencers, Amber Fillerup, felt the same way, so she decided to recreate some of the looks with a step-by-step guide. She recreated both Madison Beer and Megan Fox's hair from the 2021 Met Gala, and the end results are pure perfection. Keep scrolling for a step-by-step guide, the products she used and even videos to make the whole process fool-proof!

Madison Beer

"I picked this look because it's a look you can wear every day."

-Amber Fillerup



1. Wash hair and apply Dae Prickly Pear Hair Oil followed by Dae Cactus Flower Leave-In Conditioner when hair is still damp, working through mid to ends.

2. Comb through.

3. Blow out hair.

4. Tease the crown of your head and pull up the hair into a wrapped loose bun. Separate front pieces.

5. Use bobby pins to pin down the hair. Pull up pieces to make it look messy.

6. Curl your front pieces.


Products Used

  • Dae Prickly Pear Hair Oil: $36
  • Dae Cactus Flower Leave-In Conditioner: $26
  • Comb
  • Bobby pins
  • Curling iron


Megan Fox

"I picked this look because it's fun and looked challenging to recreate." -Amber Fillerup

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1. Root shade faux bangs.

2. Slick hair into a ponytail with Dae Prickly Pear Hair Oil.

3. Add bangs and blend them into your hair by taking pieces from both sides and adding those back into your ponytail.

4. Cut and curl the bangs.

5. Braid your ponytail.

6. Add BFB Hair Clip-Ins to the middle of your braid to make it longer.

7. Use a cord and wrap it all around your braid, starting at the top (wrapping around the hair tie) and working your way down.

8. Add more root shade at the end so the bangs blend in.


Products Used

  • Faux bangs
  • Brush
  • Comb
  • Dae Prickly Pear Hair Oil: $36
  • Hair tie
  • Curling iron
  • Scissors
  • BFB 21″ Classic Clip-Ins: $214.99
  • Cord


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