Amina Mucciolo Talks Studio Mucci, Rainbow Hair and Authenticity

Amina Mucciolo is the human embodiment of a rainbow. And it's not just because she has the sickest rainbow braids around.

The founder of Studio Mucci and self-proclaimed Tassel Fairy has found a way to continually do what she loves all while bringing happiness to everyone who joins Amina on this magical ride.

We chatted with the ray of sunshine about starting Studio Mucci, how she has the confidence to be herself and her advice for any of you who are struggling to embrace who you are.

Keep scrolling to see what she had to say, and get ready to feel empowered!

Sweety High: How did you come up with the idea of Studio Mucci? What's your favorite part about it?

Amina Mucciolo: I had been going through a lot of difficult stuff in my life. I decided that I wanted to start over and pursue something that made me happy, so that's how Studio Mucci started. I made things that I really liked and I noticed how happy it made other people, so here we are.

Just the fact that something I create or design is used by other people around the world—it's so cool that it really becomes a part of the lives of others. There are so many cool girls who hang my garlands in their room or people use them at their weddings. That's probably my favorite part.

No matter what I do, it has created a platform for me to really connect with people, no matter what form that takes.

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SH: How did you become the Tassel Fairy?

AM: I make tassels and I like fairies. It's something that happened kind of organically. I kind of assumed myself to be a fictional character like the Tooth Fairy or Willy Wonka. Since tassels are the thing that I create, it just kind of made sense to be called the Tassel Fairy.

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SH: Why do you love tassels?

AM: It's one of the first things I created and it really resonated with people. It's something that I've become known for. I love the product and it's just a cool way you can create color. It just makes so many people happy, so it's definitely something that I love. Tassels will be a part of my life in some way always.

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SH: We love how fun and vibrant your Instagram is. How did you decide that would be your aesthetic and how do you stick with it?

AM: It's one of the easiest things, just because I'm doing what I like. My house looks like my Instagram feed. Basically everything in my life looks like my Instagram feed. I just love posting about my life and the things that make me happy.

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SH: Why do rainbows and unicorns inspire you?

AM: Unicorns are awesome. They're magical. I just think we need to bring more magic into our everyday lives. Unicorn, rainbows and bright colors have always been my thing. It's kind of crazy that they're everywhere now. I see them all over, so that's really exciting. Anything that makes you happy and reminds you that you don't have to take life so seriously.

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SH: What's your advice for standing out on Instagram?

AM: Authenticity. It doesn't matter what you're posting, as long as you're authentic to your own point of view. There are so many people who are wearing the same outfit and look exactly like each other. That's boring! I'm way more likely to follow someone who's weird, doing something different or just being honest with who they are. Everyone's trying to connect to that authenticity, that honesty. I think that really resonates with people on Instagram and everywhere. Find your niche, find your aesthetic and stay true to that. If you're posting frequently and you're consistent with what your message is, you'll definitely stand out.

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SH: We're obsessed with your rainbow braids. They're absolutely stunning! What inspired you to rock this hairstyle?

AM: I always loved color and I wanted to wear color in my hair. Before it was super trendy, it was really hard to go to a salon and ask for rainbow hair, because I am black and I do have a different hair texture. I've worn braids since forever, so I decided to put the color in the braid. It was definitely one of those aha moments.

It's a lot of work, I'm not going to lie. The great thing is that it's protective to my own natural hair. I can have my hair be any color of the rainbow and my natural hair isn't affected. It's not an easy process to braid my hair, but you only have to commit a large chunk of time and then you don't have to worry for a while. You basically don't have bad hair days for like a month.

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SH: We're huge fans of your Instagram account @Unicorn.Curls. Why did you feel the need to make this account?

AM: When I was looking for inspiration for my own hair, because sometimes I do color my own hair, it was so difficult to find. I've spent hours and hours on the internet just trying to find inspiration for colored hair for women of color. It was really hard to find.

I knew this needed to be exposed more, because I know there are so many girls out there who have colorful hair. This trend is blowing up and I think it's important that everyone is represented. I don't think it's just a fad. There are people like me who feel the most comfortable with colorful hair. As a woman of color, I don't really see that too much in the media. I wanted to do my part and contribute as many images of women of color with awesome, cool, colorful hair as I can.

When I was 16, I would've died to have something like this. I felt like such a weirdo. I felt so different. I get messages from girls all the time telling me how happy they are to see other girls who look like them with hair that they want or that they have.

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SH: Do you have any standout stories from some of the girls that you could share?

AM: There are a couple, but there's one that really stands out. A girl who has been a supporter for a long time sent me a letter telling me how she felt confident enough to rock purple hair because of the pictures I posted. It was really awesome to hear. I really want people to feel like it's okay to be themselves.

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SH: How do you maintain your individuality when it is difficult to be yourself?

AM: Everyone has things that they want to change or improve and I think that's okay. It all starts with self-love. You can get more money or drop 10 pounds, but that isn't going to make you love yourself. It's really important to love yourself for who you are right now.

I used to feel really insecure about everything, but then I stopped letting these things get to me. Ultimately, I know what I'm doing is creating a positive impact in the world. That keeps me going and staying true to my own personal style and aesthetic.

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SH: What's your advice for girls who are struggling to be comfortable in who they are?

AM: Everyone is struggling. It's hard to remember that when you're young, because we all pretend like we have it together. It really helps you feel like you're not alone.

I spent a long time trying to not be myself and run away from that. I did what I thought people would like. That never, ever, ever got me to the place where I am now. The only way I got here was by being myself. The magic happens when you embrace yourself.

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SH: What does girl power mean to you?

AM: I love girl power! It's like the best thing. I know what it's like to be a woman. I know what it's like to be a girl. I just want to lift up all the other girls around me. I know that together we're so much more powerful and so much more magical than we are apart.

Seeing other girls as competition and comparing yourself to them will only make you miserable. If you're able to feel inspired or encouraged by another girl's success, you'll always feel like you're winning. That is what girl power is to me. Feeling happy for another girl's victory.

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