Amnesia Music Video Tugs On Heartstrings!

The 5 Seconds of Summer boys have, at last, released the music video for their latest single, "Amnesia."Amnesia Music Video 5 Seconds of Summer

"Amnesia" tells the story of a boy who is powerless in his attempts to recover from the end of a relationship. While the girl in his live has moved on, he's trapped in the past.

The new video echoes the sentiment well, mixing somber performance shots with flashbacks to better times. Scenes quickly transition to the guys sitting around, holed up indoors while they sing, to brilliant summers of the past complete with water gun fights, pool parties and road trips.

The video makes it seem that remembering the good times is making it even tougher to live in the present. The song's protagonist wishes he could forget those happy memories and get on with his life.

Driven by acoustic guitars, the song builds up to an epic sound. The melancholy track was written for the boys by Joel and Benji Madden of Good Charlotte fame. We don't think anyone else could perform it better!

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