Hilarious Quotes From Disney Channel's Amphibia to Use as Your Next Instagram Caption

We don't know about you, but we cannot get enough of Amphibia on the Disney Channel.

The series follows a 13-year-old human girl named Anne who, along with her friends Sasha and Marcy, gets transported to the magical world of Amphibia, full of talking frogs and toads. As she tries to find her way back home, she learns a lot about herself, her friendships and what really matters.

With the second season set to wrap up in May, we thought it was the perfect time to celebrate the series. Keep reading for our favorite hilarious quotes from the show to use as your next Instagram caption.

For that pic of you exploring the untapped wilderness:

"Now I find myself in the wild unknown, with the frogs and toads and I'm far from home…"

-"Welcome to Amphibia"

AMPHIBIA - "Anne Vs. Wild" (Disney Channel) POLLY, HOP POP, ANNE, SPRIG

(Amphibia via Disney Channel)


For when you discover a fabulous new locale to visit pretty much every day:

"I think we're gonna have some fun with this place."

-Sasha Waybright


For when you're feeling philosophical about the nature of life:

"Do you ever get the feeling that we exist simultaneously in multiple parallel universes, completely unaware of the other's very existence?"

-Frog Soos


For the incredible bash that has it all:

"A great party has three ingredients: entertainment, exclusivity and spectacle."

-Anne Boonchuy

Amphibia: Sprig in anne's hair

(Amphibia via Disney Channel)


For when it feels like you've been transported to a new and magical place:

"You must be so excited to be trapped in another world. VERY jealous."

―Sprig Plantar


For that sweet pic of you and your bestie:

"When you've got your friend by your side, anything is possible."

-Anne Boonchuy


For your dreamiest selfie:

"I'd still rather be sad and have a dream than live life without one."

-Hop Pop Plantar

Amphibia: Hop Pop with watery eyes

(Amphibia via Disney Channel)


For when you and your pals find yourself in an easily avoidable situation—again:

"Feels like we've learned this lesson by now."

-Anne Boonchuy


For when you've decided to put your foot down:


-Sasha Waybright


For when you need an excuse for getting a bit emotional:

"I don't know if it's the sweet-smelling toxins or the overwhelming emotions, but dang it, I'm a mess!"

―Sprig Planter

Amphibia: Anne and Sprig hug

(Amphibia via Disney Channel)


For the pic of you and your amphibious buddies:

"They're not just frogs. They're my FRIENDS!"

-Anne Boonchuy


For when it's been a while since you visited the great outdoors:

"Ah! How I miss the swamp air, the aroma of grass, a whisper of manure and just a pinch of humidity."

-Hop Pop Plantar


For when you truly become comfortable with yourself:

"I think the reason I don't want a new look is because I'm finally happy with who I see in the mirror right now."

-Anne Boonchuy


For when you've about had it with pandemic restrictions:

"And once this is over, we can finally find a way out of this crummy, gross world."

-Sasha Waybright

Amphibia: Sasha and Anne on couch

(Amphibia via Disney Channel)


For the friends you know will stick by your side no matter what:

"Well, whatever happens next, one thing's for sure. If we're together, I know we'll be alright"

-Anne Boonchuy


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