Fun and Effortless Instagram Captions to Document Your Day at an Amusement Park

Is there a better source of heart-pounding, easy fun than your favorite amusement park?

They're the perfect destination when you're in search of yummy food, stomach-dropping rides and long days spent in the sun—and they're made even better with friends in tow. So, whether you're visiting your favorite local park, or heading out on a vacation to visit the adventurous playground of your dreams, you just have to snap some pics to share the experience with the world on Instagram.

Captioning is probably the hardest part, which is why we've gathered the very best quotes about theme parks and roller coasters for your Instagram caption needs.

For the pic of you at the top of the big drop with your hands way in the air:



For when you're putting on a brave face for the scariest roller coaster:

"Like is like a roller coaster. It might be scary, but in the end, you wanna do it again."


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For a photo of your crew arriving at the park:

"If lost, can be found at the cotton candy station."

Ferris wheel

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For when you get dolled up for your day at the park:

"I look like the girls next door—if you happen to live next to an amusement park."

-Dolly Parton


For a photo of you about to board your favorite roller coaster:

"I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend!"

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


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For a photo when you're feeling a little poetic:

"Life is a roller coaster. There are ups, there are downs, there are hills, there are valleys, peaks and so on." 

-Martin Landau

Looping roller coaster: Unsplash

(via Unsplash)


For when you're brave enough to try everything once:

"Born to ride."


For a cute selfie of you and your BFF boarding a ride:

"It's not the ride, it's who you're riding with."

Spinning amusement park ride

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For a photo of you at the top of the Ferris wheel:

"I see nothing in space as promising as the view from the Ferris wheel."

-E.B. White


For when you're trying to hit every ride before the park closes:

"Life is like an amusement park. You have only a limited time to enjoy, so play all the rides before the time ends."

-Divya Manikumar


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For a photo of you exiting a particularly vertigo-inducing ride:

"As long as the world is turning and spinning, we're gonna be dizzy and we're gonna make mistakes."

-Mel Brooks


For a photo of you both screaming and enjoying the ride:

"Life is like a roller coaster. It has its ups and downs, but it's your choice to scream or enjoy the ride."

Yellow and red roller coaster

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For when you refuse to let a ride scare you:

"Don't worry. Don't be afraid, ever, because this is just a ride."

-Bill Hicks


For a photo of you laughing happily on one of your favorite revolving rides:

"Stop the earth from spinning, I want to get off!"


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For a photo of you just enjoying the moment:

"I think the thing to do is enjoy the ride while you're on it."

-Johnny Depp


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