Everything You Need to Know About Sheppard's Amy Sheppard

We've basically had Sheppard's "Geronimo" stuck in our head for years at this point, and band member Amy Sheppard is a huge part of why we're so obsessed.

She sings and plays keyboard and harmonica for the band, and she's currently on a mission to spread body positivity, asking fans to post real, unfiltered photos to show that all bodies are beautiful. If you've ever wanted to learn more about Amy, keep reading to find out everything she told us in her latest interview with Sweety High.


(Photo credit: Peter Brew-Bevan)

Name: Amy Louise Sheppard

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

Birthday: September 22

Zodiac sign: Virgo

Fun Facts:

1. Amy's odd talents include being able to peel a banana with her toes.

2. She says she's a sucker for Starbucks' iced teas—particularly their iced peach green tea.

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3. Her favorite day of the year is Christmas day.

"In Australia, we sit in the pool all day, eat fresh mangos and prawns (shrimp) and just try not to melt."

-Amy Sheppard

4. She's been a vegetarian for seven years.

5. Amy would love to get better at public speaking.

"I can be quite a shy person, and the thought of getting up and doing a speech has me in sweats. It's funny because I'm totally fine talking to an audience when I'm doing a gig."

-Amy Sheppard

6. She doesn't have a ton of time to play video games these days, but she used to be obsessed with The Sims.

7. Her ideal world would be a sweet one.

"I'd love to live in sort of candy land where you can eat candy all day and your teeth never rot."

-Amy Sheppard

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8. She can be a nervous flyer, but she has a ritual that gets her through it.

"As soon as the plane takes off, I visualize a white light protective shield around the plane. I don't know why, but it seems to help."

-Amy Sheppard

9. If she weren't a musical artist, she'love to be a food critic.

10. Her favorite superhero is She-Hulk.

"She's super strong but also confident, smart and independent."

-Amy Sheppard

11. Body positivity is super important to Amy, and she wants to get the message out.

"24-7, women and girls are fed messages which have them insecure and unsure of themselves. We are worthy of love, success and total happiness regardless of how we might look. I just want to be the role model I wish I had when I was younger."

-Amy Sheppard

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