An Interview With Burnham By the Burnham Street Team!

The Offical Burnham Street Team recently interviewed Burnham, asking them about everything from music to aspirations. Check out a few of their answers below!

Hugs and Kisses,

What is your favorite part of making a song?
Andre: I like listening to it.
Alex: My favorite part is recording the guitars.  Because, personally, I know I'm a guitar player so it seems kind of biased, but I don't think a song really comes to life until there's guitars on it.  So once I put the guitars on there and I play it back, I'm like 'Okay, now we've got a song here!'
Forrest: My favorite part is sitting at the piano and just coming up with the idea and imagining all the things you could do with it and the track and playing it, you know, like, 'I just wrote a hit song!'… that kind of feeling.  What you could do with it.
Alex: And really feeling it.  'Xylophone here!'  [laughs]
Forrest: 'Xylophone here, or a little bell…'
Who does what part of the song-making process?  Does someone write most of the lyrics?
Alex: It used to be a blend.
Forrest: But now it's not.  Alex is very good at the production of stuff.  He'll always be on the musical side of any lyrics or melody.  Andre and I have our own melodies and lyrics.  He'll dominate one song and then I'll dominate another.
Andre: There's like a main writer for every song.
Alex: You can kind of tell which songs were written by who, too.
Forrest: Andre does the bouncy ones.  [singing]  'I gotcha, baby!'
Alex: And Forrest does the darker ones.
Forrest: Yeah, I do.

Who are your favorite artists to see live or who do you want to see?
Alex: Green Day.  It's probably the best concert we've ever seen.
Forrest: We've already seen them. Unanimously, we would say Green Day.  A concert I would like to see is U2.
Alex: [to Forrest]  You're the big U2 fan.
Andre: I would probably see Paul McCartney, since I know every single song.
Alex: When he says 'every single song', he means all, like 165 of them.
Andre: All the Beatles' songs!
Forrest: How many are there?
Andre: A lot.  Two hundred something.

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