Everything You Wanted to Know About Social Media Personality and Singer Andrea Russett

Andrea Russett has had quite the career, proving that she was never destined to just be one thing.

After becoming a viral creator on YouTube all the way back in 2009, she became a nationally syndicated radio DJ, designed a clothing line and even acted in films while exploding on every social media platform. All these years later, she's as relevant as ever, and most recently, she's begun venturing into music. Her flawless debut single, "Darkest Hour," further showcases her depth, as well as her immense talents when it released in October, and her new newest track, "Get Out Alive," is just as strikingly resonant.

We've adored Andrea for ages, and we thought it was about time to learn all about the things that make her one-of-a-kind. Keep reading to find out all about Andrea in her own wonderful words.

Andrea Russett Woman Crush Wednesday

(Photo credit: Andrea Russett)

Name: Andrea Rose Russett

Hometown: Fort Wayne, Indiana

Birthday: June 27

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Fun Facts:

1. Andrea's favorite thing about herself is her curiosity.

"I love learning and reading about anything and everything. I'm thankful I have that trait! Always keeps things interesting."

-Andrea Russett

2. She cannot stop playing Candy Crush.

"I'm on level 1,300 now and I have spent too much actual money on this app. But I can't and won't stop!!!"

-Andrea Russett

3. She says puppies never fail to make her smile.

"They're just always so happy and excited to meet every stranger they see."

-Andrea Russett

4. She says her weirdest habit is that she has to walk around when she's on the phone.

"I walk in circles around my living room every single time I get on a call."

-Andrea Russett

5. Her biggest pet peeve is when people lie unnecessarily.

"I like to think I'm a very understanding person, so when I catch someone lying about something small it really irks me."

-Andrea Russett

6. She grew up with huge Weimaraner dogs named Smokey and Lacey.

"They both passed last year, but I'll always have them in my heart. They were the most loving companions you could ask for."

-Andrea Russett

7. She is really good at puzzles.

"Any kind— mind puzzles, actual puzzles, escape rooms, you name it! I love them all and will always find a way to complete them!"

-Andrea Russett

8. She's a collector of neon signs.

"My house looks a bit like an arcade at night with all the glowing signs."

-Andrea Russett

9. What's one life lesson that Andrea wished she's learned earlier on?

"How people treat you has more to do with them than it does you."

-Andrea Russett

10. Her Cancer zodiac sign describes Andrea quite well.

"I'm a major empath and I think that dictates how I make every decision in my life. I try to always keep others in mind and how my actions may affect them."

-Andrea Russett


If you haven't listened to Andrea's music yet, you are seriously missing out. Click HERE to find out what Andrea had to say about her stunning musical debut, "Darkest Hour."