How Angelic Montero Channeled the Experience of a Toxic Relationship Into '9 Times Outta 10'

We are longtime fans of Angelic Montero, also known mononymously as Angelic. We first interviewed her back in 2015 when she was just 11, and the artist has grown so much as a talent since then that we can hardly believe our eyes.

Angelic turns 17 later this month, and her latest release, "9 Times Outta 10" is an incredible showcase of her abilities as a bilingual singer, with powerful, personal lyrics that come straight from Angelic's own experiences. We were lucky enough to catch up with Angelic and find out more about how far she's come as an artist, plus what the song means to her and why she loves singing in both English and Spanish.

Sweety High:  What was the songwriting process behind "9 Times Outta 10"?

Angelic Montero: I loved this song instantly—it has such a powerful, open message—but in the creative process I felt it was missing something. So by contributing Spanish lyrics to the song, I feel it brought much more passion to the track. The combination of English and Spanish has made it more accessible to a much wider audience which is so fantastic.


SH:  What does the track mean to you? Was there a specific instance that inspired it?

AM: I'm telling a story about how I used to come back to my ex nine times out of 10 even though it was completely bad for me and I totally knew that I shouldn't! I think a lot of people go through similar situations with relationships. Yes—I was drawing from personal experience—and it won't happen again!


SH: Have you ever fallen back into a relationship when you knew it was best not to?

AM: I have—and all the time it was feeling weird, feeling very wrong and my instinct, as always, was to trust my gut. I think that is a very sensible rule in life because nine times outta 10, it's right!


SH: Do you have any advice for young women dealing with the feelings you sing about on the track?

AM: Of course—try to turn negative experiences into positive teaching moments. I believe everything we experience in life teaches us something. Everything—good or bad. Even when something feels toxic, you need to identify it, do something about it and then move on!


SH: For those of us who might not sing Spanish, what do the Spanish lyrics on the track mean?

"Ya se que quiere hacer

Siempre de lo mismo

Me llena el cellular con romanticismo

Al fin soy víctima de mi propio optimismo

Me dejo envolver"


"I know what you want to do

Always the same

You fill my cell phone with romance

At last, I am a victim of my own optimism

I let myself get wrapped up"


"Mintiendo otra vez

Diciendo que hare

Lo que nunca voy a hacer

Y no se como fue

Estando a tu merced

Se lo que merezco

Y Lo pido otra vez"


"Lying again

Saying I will do

What I will never do

And I don't know how it was

Being at your mercy

I know what I deserved

And I asked again"


SH: What does it mean to you to be able to create bilingual tracks like this one?

AM: I absolutely love it—I get the chance to tap into my roots! It brings a real connection for me to the song. I feel bilingual tracks are going to be a big trademark in my career. Watch this space!


SH: How do you feel "9 Times Outta 10" is different from the music you've released in the past?

AM: It is different in two ways—firstly the Spanish lyrics added to English ones marks a real new direction for me. I am super excited about this. Secondly, the subject of the song is dealing with a lengthy painful breakup—a real life lesson—and has a lot more weight to it. It is a more "serious" track.


SH: What's your favorite lyric from the track?

AM: "I shoulda coulda woulda when I know that I shouldn't!"  This says it all.


SH: Is there anything else you want people to know about the song?

AM: It is the first time I have shown so much honesty and vulnerability in my music and writing. I love the tracks I record—all of them—but sometimes one comes along where you are really baring your soul, speaking from the heart and being open. My girl power tracks are awesome—this track is completely one-of-a-kind!


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