Things You'll Only Understand If You're an Unapologetic American Anglophile

If you love all things Britain, you're definitely an anglophile.

But obsessing over the U.K. isn't always easy. If you're an American anglophile, you'll definitely relate to these struggles.


1. From accessories to clothes to furniture, The Union Jack is all over your stuff.

2. Your fake British accent is spot-on from years of practice.

3. But of course, you know that there isn't just one type of British accent, and you can distinguish various English, Scottish and Welsh accents from one another down to the county.

4. You know that football is a sport that involves kicking a black and white ball into a goal.

5. And there's one English football team you support over all others that you probably picked arbitrarily—or perhaps with the help of a celeb you admire.

6. You "accidentally" spell words like colour, favourite and flavour with the "u" in.


7. And you're always referring to elevators as "lifts," car trunks as "boots" and cookies as "biscuits."

8. You'll choose a cup of tea over a coffee any day of the week.

9. But you know well that afternoon tea is so much more than a fancy tea party.

10. You read more than just about anyone you know because there's so much glorious English literature out there.

11. Years of binge-watching various detective shows and devouring mystery books by Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, Ngaio Marsh and more have sharpened your senses to the point that you can sleuth your way through any crime story.


12. Your favorite actor is probably classically trained in the works of Shakespeare with an IMDb page miles long—even though most people have never heard of them.

13. And getting your friends to watch obscure British films and television shows is a daily struggle—unless they're one of the major things you bond over.

14. You've fantasized about living in Victorian times on more than one occasion.

15. Period dramas have made you strangely partial to men in puffy shirts.

16. All of your favorite television shows come out months earlier across the pond, so you spend entirely too much of your time avoiding spoilers at all costs.

17. You recognize the importance of fish and chips.

18. And you know that this is so much for than just a call box for police.



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