The Definitive List Of Cute Animals Eating Birthday Cakes

August happens to be the most popular birthday month in the U.S., and the only proper way to celebrate a birthday is with cake. We present you with the definitive list of adorable animals eating cake. Enjoy!

This fruity birthday cake is so good that a huge bear is savoring every nibble in a delicate, un-bearlike fashion.

The zookeepers went all out to make this panda's 4th birthday special. Who knew they were so into 4-tiered cakes? 

Gladys the gorilla's birthday cake looks oddly appealing, considering the main ingredient is gorilla chow biscuits. 

This tiny birthday for a tiny hedgehog also features a couple of hamsters as guests. And by the way, hedgehogs make the best chewing noises.

Believe it or not, this tiger cake, made by Gourmutts Bakery, is made from chicken. You could fool us (but don't because chicken cake sounds so gross).

This birthday cake for Packy the elephant's 53rd birthday is a whopping 50 pounds of fruits and veggies, whereas 50 pounds of chocolate cake would put us into a 2-week nap.

We have no idea what's in Hannah the hippo's 41st birthday cake, but we want it in our bellies, now.

How they made this meaty lion birthday cake look so appetizing, we'll never know.

This seriously tiny tortoise is way too cute to handle, and it's a pro at devouring its little cake. 

Apparently, massive sea otters only live to eat cupcakes underwater. 

These rhino's proof  that there's nothing wrong with an all-veggie bday cake.

Which animal birthday party would you love to celebrate? Let us know in the comments and check out more adorable video pics in the related stories.