20 Hilarious Animal Crossing Quotes to Use as Instagram Captions

The long wait is nearly over. On March 20, Animal Crossing: New Horizons will finally grace Nintendo Switch consoles around the world—and just in time, with all of the social distancing we're all doing.

To celebrate, we've rounded up some of our favorite villager quotes of all time.

Keep scrolling to find out which one would be perfect as your next Instagram caption.

For the pic of your happily playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons on release day:

"I'm playing this one game where you run your own town but also have to keep all these needy animals happy."



(Animal Crossing: New Horizons via Nintendo)


For the shot that shows you're about good vibes only:

"I don't know if I told you this, but I'm allergic to bad vibes."



For when your loftiest aspiration finally becomes reality:

"See? This totally proves that being a dreamer pays off, mom!"



For your most fearless mirror selfie:

"The important thing is confidence. No matter what you're wearing, let it go!"



(Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp via Nintendo)


For the pic of that special someone you can't wait to reunite with:

"Oh this ain't good-bye. I will see you again. That's how it goes whene'er yer my friend."



For when it's a lazy, indulgent kind of day inside:

"I will love myself by eating my favorite ice cream and wearing baggy clothes!"



For showing off your awesomely geeky collection:

"I think comic books and video games are… COOL."



For when a delectable dessert is calling your name:

"I've got a dream to eat tarte tatin till I can't eat anymore."



(Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp via Nintendo)


For the pic of everything you received after your latest online shopping excursion:

"Sometimes, I go shopping even when I don't need anything."



For that high-heeled pic that makes your legs look awesome:

"Would it surprise you if I said that I'm pretty proud of my legs?"



For when you amiably break up with your bestie:

"Just because two people are good friends doesn't mean they'd make a good couple, nutty."



For when you're feeling nostalgic about a different time and place:

"Do you ever get sad when an old memory resurfaces? It's funny. Even a good memory can make you cry."



(Animal Crossing: New Leaf via Nintendo)


For the photo of the boring junk you're supposed to be eating right now:

"All right… DIETS ARE BAD."



For the selfie when you're really feeling yourself:

"I think of clothes as the icing on the scrumptious cake that is my jaw-dropping physique!"



For when you feel so confident, it's scary:

"It seems SOME people find me a little… intimidating. I guess those wimps think I'm kinda scary."



For when you've made up with someone you care about after a fight:

"To really get to know someone, sometimes you really have to go toe-to-toe in an argument."



(Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp via Nintendo)


For when you've found a fic that speaks to your soul and you absolutely can't keep it to yourself:

"Read this fanfic! Yes, YOU over there! Read this fanfic!"



For subposting about that person who's always getting on your nerves:

"You're so passive-aggressive. Get some therapy."



For when you manage to capture a colorful rainbow amid the rain:

"When I see a rainbow, I feel like I'm getting a free present."



For that pic of you basking in the sun on a warm day:

"How about this weather, huh? It's like the sun's taken a shine… to us!"



(Animal Crossing: New Leaf via Nintendo)


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