Animal Exercise- Red Panda Does Muscle-Ups!

A red panda shows off his animal exercise skills!

This red panda is doing a great job of animal exercise, working out her back and arms with this adorable muscle-up! Who thought exercise could be this cute?

More and more, animals seem to be adapting human exercises, but did you know that imitating animals is a popular form of exercise for kids? You can learn even more at!

"Breathe deep with a whale, soar with an eagle, it's natural for everyone to play along." says one site advocating animal exercise.

Another site lists a number of different animal crawls, sprints, walks, and jumps for people to copy as a form of exercise. The "Confused Bear Crawl" has kids walking on all fours in reverse, and the "Frightened Goose Walk" has them making goose wings with their arms and running around like mad!

What's your favorite animal? How would you turn that animal's motions into an awesome exercise?