5 Hilarious Animal Odd Couples You Have To See To Believe

Our latest Video Picks Of the Week are all about animal odd couples. Each of these heartwarming videos from January is all about BFFs who know how that species isn't all that important when it comes to friendship. Check out each of the videos below and vote for your favs at the bottom of the page.

5 Funniest Animal Odd Couples: Interspecies Animal BFFs

1. In France's Cap Ferret, a seal on the beach waddles up to a yellow lab for a cuddle and the two become fast friends.

2. Dot the ferret plans a daring escape from her enclosure with the assistance of Shady, the black lab. All it takes is for Shady to stand in the right place, and Dot can leap from the couch to his back, and escape their pet confinement!

3. In this video, a pug becomes a tiny kitten's own oversized play toy. After ignoring most of the climbing, batting and nibbles, eventually the pug joins in on the fun, too. 

4. When a young boy is sick at home, his loyal canine best friend forever comforts him with a warm embrace.

5. Bibi the dwarf goat is having a lot of fun playfully head butting the horse in this stable. In order to do so, she's got to get up on her hind legs and do a little jig over to her pal.

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