17 Adorable Animals You Didn't Know Existed Until Now

There are a plethora of animals on this planet.

Chances are you know about a wide variety of them, but have you really seen it all? We doubt it, which is why we decided to roundup 17 of the most adorable creatures you didn't know existed until this very moment.

Scroll below to meet them all!


Essentially a cross between an anteater and armadillo, these mammals live in Asia and Africa. They're rather solitary animals, only meeting with fellow pangolins to mate. Sounds about right.

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Pikas are known for their very round bodies, short limbs and lack of an external tail. They look a bit like rabbits, a close cousin of the mammal, but with shorter ears. Residing in Asia and North America, your best bet in seeing one of these creatures is up on a rocky slope. Ready for a little mountain climbing?

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Also known as a Japanese raccoon dog, these fluffy animals are too cute to handle. They've been a major part of Japanese folklore since ancient times, often being described as mischievous and jolly. We believe it.


Maned Wolf

The maned wolf looks like a combination of a fox and wolf, but it actually isn't even closely related to either. It's actually the only species in the genus Chrysocyon, which means "golden dog." Too bad we can't adopt one of these guys from our local shelter.

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Jerboas basically look like shrunken down kangaroos. Believe it or not, these little guys thrive in hot desert climates. They're pretty speedy animals, too, being able to run about 15 miles per hour when necessary.


Patagonian Mara

No surprise here, these large rodents are mainly found in large parts of Patagonia. Their long limbs and ears resemble a jackrabbit, but they also look a lot like a capybara, if you ask us.



Also known as mouse-deer, these cuties tend to live solitary lives or in pairs. We wouldn't mind spending the rest of our lives with one of these guys by our side.

Mouse-Deer #Chevrotain

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Blue Parrotfish

These fish are gorgeous! Just look at those stunning scales. But the cutest thing about them is that they always look like they're smiling due to their pharyngeal teeth.

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Markhors are wild goats and even the national animal of Pakistan. Can we talk about how perfectly curled their horns are? What hairstyling tools are they using?



Dik-diks are small antelopes that reside in eastern and southern Africa. They got their name, because it's the sound of the alarm call females make when a predator is approaching. The more you know.

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Red-Crested Tree-Rat

There's nothing super special to note about the red-crested tree-rat, other than they're freaking adorable. We want one now—too bad they're critically endangered.


Sunda Colugo

These flying lemurs are found throughout Southeast Asia. Though they technically "glide" from tree to tree, we still consider it flying.

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Found in the Horn of Africa, Gerenuks are antelopes that are known for their incredibly long necks. They're definitely a sight to see when they stand on their hind legs to feed.



Known as banded anteaters, these striped creatures would be perfect to keep in your home, mainly because their diet consists solely of termites. You'll never have a termite infestation problem with these guys by your side.



Olinguitos are members of the raccoon family, though they don't exactly look it. They look more like little cuddle bugs to us. Fun fact: These mammals were first discovered in the wild in 2013.

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Native to Madagascar, the aye-ayes certainly are funny-looking creatures. We pretty much look exactly like this when we wake up in the morning.


Ezo Momonga

These Japanese dwarf flying squirrels are easily one of the cutest things we've ever seen. They're so chubby and fluffy and basically a big ball of love. Brb, booking a trip to Japan to see these little guys in their natural habitat.


We may never get to see these animals irl, but at least there's still the possibility for dogs to be our counselors. See what we mean HERE.