Here's Everything You Need to Know About Singer-Songwriter Anna Dellaria

If you've heard Anna Dellaria's darkly powerful anthem "I Choose Me," you probably understand why we can't get enough of her music.

The singer-songwriter has some serious talent and never fails to impress us with her powerhouse of a voice and songwriting prowess. We simply had to learn more about her, so we asked her about all the things that make her unique. Keep reading to learn about the rising star.

Anna Dellaria Woman Crush Wednesday
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Name: Anna Dellaria

Hometown: San Rafael, CA

Birthday: Aug. 21

Zodiac sign: Leo

Fun Facts:

1. It means a lot to Anna when fans share how her music has impacted their life.

"It's hard to pick a single encounter because I've had some beautiful messages, and even stories shared via DMs, but most recently it was a fan in high school who had been struggling with depression and anxiety. She came up to me in tears after a show and shared with me how one of the songs, in particular, allowed her to feel heard and less alone. Those are my favorite moments, because that's what creating and releasing music is about for me: connection."

-Anna Dellaria

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2. She says being in show business has made a number of her childhood dreams come true.

"One of my favorite career highlights so far has definitely been hearing my music on TV alongside some of my favorite actors and shows. It's incredible to see the song connect with a storyline in a show, and watching it come together is amazing."

-Anna Dellaria

3. Her favorite Disney villain is Queen Grimhelde, better known as the Evil Queen from Snow White.

"There's something tragic and metaphoric about her being so deeply insecure, lonely and intimidated that she needs validation from a magic mirror that almost satirically mocks her. At the same time, I feel like she'd be everyone's 'sassy but fabulous aunt' of today. She offers an ironic and interesting perspective on human flaw and self-obsession."

-Anna Dellaria

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4. The last song she had stuck in her head was "Help!" by The Beatles.

5. Dogs are her favorite animals.

"They're simply earth angels and I cannot be persuaded otherwise. They're the most loyal, unconditionally loving and emotionally intelligent animals. Full disclaimer, this maybe factually inaccurate! I know they're pretty 'plain' in comparison to a lion or jaguar, but I think their reliability and stability are part of why I love them. And if a dog dies in a movie or on TV, I will absolutely be a mess!"

-Anna Dellaria

6. As much as the thought of it terrifies her, Anna has always wanted to try skydiving.

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7. Anna says she's unexpectedly really good at making vegetables taste delicious.

8. No one makes her laugh more than her sister when they're together.

9. She brings a Nalgene water bottle with her everywhere as a good luck charm and practices breathing exercises to hone herself.

10. Marley & Me always makes her cry.


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