Anna Delvey Would Love These Skincare Products

If you watched Netflix'Inventing Anna and fell in love with the show's entrepreneur and con artist, Anna Delvey, you are far from alone.

Sure, she's not a good person by any means, but her life story makes for some great television. Whether you love to love her or love to hate her, one thing remains true—the girl has taste! If you want to treat yourself in true Anna fashion, continue below to get a look at the skincare products we think Anna Delvey would absolutely love.

Skinn Divine Elixir Luminous Facial Oil: $50

If you love the feel of olive oil in between your fingers but hate the residue it leaves behind, the Divine Elixir from Skinn is exactly what you've been looking for. This facial oil is luxurious to the touch and definitely something Anna Delvey could get behind. With ingredients like manuka honey, royal jelly, pollen extract, sea buckthorn oil and vitamin C, it'll leave your skin feeling silky-smooth and softer than ever. Our favorite way to use this is mixed with foundation for a super glowy effect.


(via Skinn)


BL+ The Serum: $180

Even though Anna can be rather wild with her money, she won't waste it on just anything. And if she's spending almost $200 for a little bottle of serum, you just know it's going to be liquid gold. The Serum from BL+ would certainly be in her everyday skincare routine. Thanks to ingredients like microalgae and silica, this serum works to strengthen the skin barrier and leave you with firm, radiant, hydrated and strong skin.


(via Blue Lagoon)


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LOLI Beauty Plum Elixir: $68

The last thing Anna Delvey wants to deal with is dull, lackluster skin. That's why we think she'd be a big fan of the Plum Elixir from LOLI Beauty. Sea buckthorn, tea seed oil, pomegranate and plum kernel oil make up the main ingredients of this skincare product, giving off a subtle plum scent. But the best part has to be the versatility—it can be used not only on your face but also on your hair!


(via LOLI Beauty)


THE ROUTE Shake & Shield: $40

Sunscreen isn't the sexiest beauty product, but it is necessary to maintain youth and protect your skin from the sun's harsh rays. Anna is likely a huge proponent of using sunscreen and would only go for one that has great packaging and works like a charm. Enter Shake & Shield from THE ROUTE! Made with SPF 50 and a tinted hue, this can be worn on its own or underneath makeup.


(via THE ROUTE Beauty)


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SkinCeuticals Vitamin C Serum: $169

If Anna Delvey could be one skincare brand, we think she'd be SkinCeuticals. The brand's products are made with quality in mind and come at a steep price, but the results are practically guaranteed with continued use. We love the Vitamin C Serum, along with everyone else who's tried it! It's a best-seller for a reason as it helps with dehydration, discoloration and even signs of aging. Plus, with ingredients like L-ascorbic acid, alpha-tocopherol and ferulic acid, your skin will truly never look better.


(via SkinCeuticals)


Hanhoo Blemish Custom Patch: $6

Anna Delvey does not have time for blemishes, which is exactly why we think she'd keep these blemish patches from Hanhoo at hand. We like the custom ones because you can cut them into any specific shape of your choosing. If you suffer from large breakouts or even clusters, this is a great option. Wear this while you sleep and when you wake up, remove the hydrocolloid patch! It will be full of excess oils and puss, reliving your blemishes of any pain or residue.


(via Hanhoo)


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Pacifica Dreamlit Glow Under Eye Brightener: $16

Anna is an important businesswoman, or so she says, so she needs to look alive and well at all hours of the day. Even if she didn't get any sleep the night before, undereye bags and dark circles simply won't do! By using the Pacifica Dreamlit Glow Under Eye Brightener, the skin will be temporarily lifted, ridding the face of any signs of tiredness. Vegan collagen, vitamin E and jojoba seed oil make up the main ingredients and will leave your under-eyes brightened, tightened and hydrated.


(via Pacifica Beauty)


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