If Anna Is Your New Fave Disney Princess, You Need All of These Items

Obsessed with the movie Frozen? It's okay, you're not alone…

Now that we've seen the movie approximately a bajillion and one times, we've concluded that Anna is our new all-time fave princess. What's not to love about the youngest princess of Arendelle?

If she's your No. 1 princess, too, scroll below and prepare to fall in love with the following 11 accessories and decor completely inspired by her.

Anna Print: $3

Spruce up your room by hanging this chic and adorable splattered print on your wall. Not a bad sight. ????

Print of Anna from 'Frozen'

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Anna Plush Pillow: $25

If your bed needs an extra cozy new accessory, this Anna-inspired plush pillow is just the thing.

Anna-inspired pillow from 'Frozen'

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Anna Mug: $15.95

Have you ever seen a cuter mug? Perfect for the Anna-lover who also loves Starbucks.

Anna-inspired 'Frozen' mug

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Anna-Inspired Apron: $65

Where are all my chefs at?! This intricately designed apron inspired by Anna is totally calling your name.

Anna-inspired apron from 'Frozen'

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Do You Want to Build a Snowman Sweater: $19.29

Seriously though, do you want to build a snowman? ⛄

Do You Want to Build a Snowman Sweater from Etsy

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Anna-Inspired Vase: $17.25

All right, this Anna-inspired vase definitely takes the cake for cutest accessory. Everything from the hair to the dress is on point. Can't you imagine putting your fave bunch of flowers in this li'l guy?

Anna-inspired vase from 'Frozen'

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Anna Patch: $4.14

Deck out your backpack, your purse or even your denim jacket with this stunning patch fit for a princess. ????

Anna patch from Etsy

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Anna-Inspired Minnie Mouse Ears: $26

Headed to Disneyland any time soon? Then these dainty and delightful Minnie Mouse ears are just what you need.

Anna Mickey ears

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Anna-Inspired Bestie Tanks: $44.95

Slightly obsessed with the song "Love Is an Open Door" from Frozen? Us, too. Snag this shirt for you and a bestie to showcase some of your fave lyrics from the jam.


Frozen-inspired tank tops

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Anna-Inspired Bow: $9

If you really want to channel your inner Anna, purchase this bow, which was made to look just like the princess' flawless dress in the movie. Pretty spot-on, right?

Anna-inspired bow from Etsy

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Anna-Inspired Nails: $16

And finally, there's no better way to showcase your love for this princess than with a little magical nail art. You can pick up this set that mimics the designs on Anna's dress. Fab. ????

Anna-inspired nails from 'Frozen'

(via Etsy)


If you love Anna, chances are you're equally obsessed with her ice princess sister, Elsa. If that's the case, head over HERE and check out some adorable accessories completely inspired by her.