5 Reasons Anna Kendrick's Book Will Be The Most Relatable Thing EVER

Today is a GREAT day. Did you hear that one of our fave actresses (and fave Barden Bella, obvi) Anna Kendrick announced she will be releasing a book??!

It will be an autobiographical collection of essays titled Scrappy Little Nobody. According to the book's website, we can expect, "one-of-a-kind commentary on the absurdities she's experienced on her way to and from the heart of pop culture." And according to Anna, this book was a way for her to showcase just all the wonderful ways she embarrasses herself. YASSS.

We are sooo sure that this book will be TOTALLY relatable, and here's why:


1. Anna shares our same mutual love for Beyoncé. We have full faith that she will find ways to express that love in her book ?.


2. Anna has so much self-love and recognizes when she's done something right! Totally us!


3. Anna seeks fashion advice from only THE best.


4. Anna is a total weirdo and embraces it. US AGAIN.


5. And, finally, Anna eats Pop-Tarts. Duh.


We can't wait for this book! November can't come fast enough, Anna?!


Now we have you thinking about watching Pitch Perfect 2 for the millionth time, don't we?! Rewatch it, jam out until you lose your voice and then find out what your fave character from the movie says about you HERE.