8 Signs You're One of THOSE Annoying Couples

I love watching people in love… most of the time.

Seriously, seeing two people interact who truly care about each other brings me all kinds of joy because I know how wonderful it is to have someone by your side, who supports you unconditionally. However, that doesn't stop me from being incredibly cynical about the way some couples choose to behave in public.

It's cool to be happily in love—it'not cool to be so obsessed with your partner that you make everyone else around you miserable. And trust me, we all know one of those couples.

If you're not sure who that couple is, it might be you. Keep scrolling for eight signs you're one of those annoying couples.

1. PDA Is the Norm

A little PDA here and there is okay in a relationship. Holding hands, snuggling up to each other, a kiss every now and then—those are all cute and acceptable ways to show that you care about each other. What is not cute, however, is constant PDA that goes way outside the bounds of what's publicly appropriate. If you and your S.O. can't do anything unless you're touching each other, if it's common for you to make out in front of other people or if you're engaging in any kind of activity that would cause people to avert their eyes, you've definitely crossed the line. No one wants to hang out with the couple who's constantly sucking face, so if you and your S.O. are PDA-heavy, you're definitely an irritating couple.

The Kissing Booth: Elle and Noah's first kiss

(The Kissing Booth via Netflix)


2. You Refer to Everything as 'We'

Repeat after me: Being in a relationship does not mean you're now officially combined with the other person. You're still very much individuals, and you should address things as such. There's nothing more annoying than the "we" couple. You know the one—everything they discuss they frame in "we" terms instead of "I."

Now, I'm not getting angry at statements like "we went to dinner last night"—that's just a fact. Instead, it's approaching your coupledom with expressions like "we don't really enjoy waffles" or "we don't like the color blue." Not everything has to be a joint effort. You're still allowed to have opinions outside of your S.O., and knowing when to use "we" and when to speak for yourself will go a long way in stopping you from becoming the annoying couple.


3. You're Always a Package Deal

Much like the "we" problem, there's nothing more frustrating than a couple who can't do anything apart. If you're invited out for a girls night and you automatically invite your S.O., or (even worse) if you turn down invitations because your partner is busy, you're the worst kind of couple. Guess what?Even though you're coupled-up, you can still do things alone. In fact, it's important to spend time with your own friends and maintain other relationships beyond your romantic one. If you and your S.O. are automatically a package deal, I can guarantee everyone around you is deeply annoyed.


4. You Fight in Front of Your Friends

Have you ever been around a couple and all's going well, until suddenly they're screaming at each other right in front of you? Yeah, it's pretty awkward. You might be okay fighting with your S.O. in front of people—maybe you don't even think twice about it and you appreciate your ability to be open with each other. That's awesome for you, but it'super uncomfortable for the people around you. Ultimately, it's incredibly selfish to put other people in that position. Not only does it turn everyone's attention to you and your partner and totally kill the vibe, it's also just an annoying habit that you should definitely stop right now.

Jughead yelling at Betty on The CW's Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)


5. You Only Talk About Your Relationship

Bringing up your relationship every now and then is totally normal, but there's nothing more annoying than a couple (or half a couple) who always finds a way to turn the convo back to their romance. "How did you do on the test?" "Pretty good! Josh helped me study, he really is so great, blah, blah, blah." "Do you think I should text him back?" "Well, when me and Josh were first talking we would, blah, blah, blah." See my point? It's annoying. Find another topic to discuss besides your romance or accept that the fact people are eventually going to get bored of your constant relationship chatter.


6. You Use Odd Pet Names

The only pet names that are acceptable to call each other in public are "babe," "honey" and maybe "sweetheart" if you're feeling especially cute that day. Anything else is probably odd and specific, and will likely make everyone around you very uncomfortable. "Pookie" or "muffin" or "love bug" are all fine in private, but in public it makes you sound like you're trying way too hard to prove how in love you are. No one needs to know your private pet names besides you and your S.O., so keep them to yourself lest you annoy everyone around you.


7. You Don't Include Other People

Worse than never hanging out at all is the couple who comes to the hangouts, but only spends time with each other. You're sitting at dinner with your friends, but you're quietly whispering to your S.O. in the corner and ignoring the rest of the conversation. You constantly bring up private jokes and conversations that no one else can participate in. At that point, you might as well have not come because staring into each other's eyes and refusing to participate with the rest of the group does not count as hanging out. If you do this, you're the annoying couple—just accept it.

Gossip Girl: Nate and Serena laughing together

(Gossip Girl via The CW)


8. You Assume Everyone Is Mad Because They're Jealous

News flash: Not everyone wants to be in a relationship. And even if your pals do want to be in a relationship, there's probably very little about your relationship that they want to mimic. In fact, you've probably taught them more about what they don't want than what they do want, simply because that's how the human brain works. If you shrug off everyone's complaints by simply saying that everyone's jealous of your perfect romance, not only are you the worst, but you also totally lack any sense of self-awareness. If people are complaining about your relationship, you should probably hear them out and try to change your behavior. If you become dependent solely on your S.O., you could easily be left with no one if you ever break up.


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