The 7 Most Annoying Things Happening on Social Media During Quarantine

Ah, quarantine.

Right now we're all in the same boat—bored in the house and in the house bored. In these dark social distancing times, we're all turning to social media as a way to stay connected to the world. And while it's a great opportunity to tag your pals in some memes and post those pictures you totally forgot about, some of the trends popping up online might be worse than social isolation.

Keep scrolling for the seven most annoying things happening on social media during quarantine.

The Challenges

Of course, we have to start by addressing the challenges floating all over Instagram. Do 10 pushups! Post the first photo of you and your S.O.! Put your T-shirt on upside-down! At first glance, these challenges are fun and entertaining. But suddenly, they're the only thing we see every time we open our Instagram. It's getting old. We're all for connecting with friends over Insta, but isn't there a way to stay in touch with your pals that doesn't involve posting stupid content on your story? Watching other people do the same challenge over and over just isn't entertaining. If we never saw another Instagram challenge again, it would be too soon.

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TikTok Dances

In much the same vein as Instagram challenges, we need a nice, long break from TikTok dances. We're starting to sweat with anxiety every time we hear the chorus to "Savage" by Megan Thee Stallion. We get it—the TikTok dances are fun, and it takes a lot of time out of your boring day to learn the right moves. But we simply can't watch the same dance to the same music over and over and over again. Plus, most of the challenges aren't even entertaining. The "Savage" dance isn't that good, okay? We said it and we're not taking it back.

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Not Social Distancing Posts

While plenty of people are following the rules of social isolation, you still get the occasional jerk on your feed who refuses to fall in line like the rest of us. Whether they're simply posting from locations that are definitely not their home or outright bragging at the fact that they feel they're above the rules, it's incredibly annoying to look on social media and see an entire sector of people ignoring the guidelines of social isolation. Not only is it a dumb choice, but it's also frustrating to feel like they can do whatever they want while you're doing your best to follow the rules. If we had to pick the top annoying social media trend during this quarantine, this just might be it.

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Preachy Posts

On the opposite end of the people who are totally ignoring the rules of social distancing are the people constantly preaching the importance of staying home. Oftentimes, they use aggressive posts shaming people for stepping out of their house, usually accusing everybody except themselves of being selfish.

Okay, Karen—calm down. Ignoring the rules of social distancing is frustrating, but it's equally as annoying to act like you're better than everyone else because you're supposedly doing everything right. The large majority of people are staying home, and your social media post certainly isn't going to change the minds of those dumb enough to ignore the rules. Let people make their own choices and don't turn your Instagram page into a fan account for social isolation.

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People Documenting Their Every Move

People who document every second of their day during normal times are already pretty annoying. But during quarantine, these people are nearly unbearable. The whole point of social isolation is that we all have nothing to do. Watching you putter around your house, binge-watching Netflix isn't interesting to anyone. We're all doing the same thing! Please don't document every single thing you're doing—none of us care that much about your quarantine experience.

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People Baking Bread

We all have a lot of extra time on our hands. Somehow that excess time has translated into people baking their own bread in their homes. Not only is everyone baking bread, but they're also baking the same bread week after week. One loaf was interesting, but after six weeks of seeing your new creations, we're all a little over it. How many times can you post your homemade bread? Please find a new quarantine hobby because we can't stand to see any more baked goods on our feed.

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Random Instagram Lives

Going "live" on Instagram was never really a useful feature to begin with. It's barely entertaining when celebrities or influencers take advantage of this trend, so normal people trying to hop on a livestream and chat with their few followers is just plain annoying. However, that hasn't stopped people from using the Instagram live feature liberally, with no plan in mind. It usually just results in someone sitting in front of their camera, saying random stuff and replying to the one or two comments they get. We know it's tempting, but please leave the IG Live feature alone.


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