7 Annoying Things EVERY Couple Is Guilty of Doing on Instagram

Ugh, couples. They're the worst.

Okay, so we don't entirely loathe every couple on the planet, though there are plenty we absolutely detest, but they can be fairly annoying from time to time.

They're the most irritating when it comes to social media. From the constant posting to the need to make sure everyone is aware of their relationship, their Instagram habits drive us crazy. Mainly because we're painfully single, but let's not go there.

Anyway, scroll below for a complete list of irritating things every couple is guilty of doing on IG!

1. Posting Way Too Much About Their S.O.

When you're in love, you're in love—we get it. But far too many couples will post way too much and too often about their relationship. Literally every single post they share features their S.O. Whether it's a sweet selfie or a closeup of their face when they sleep, they're everywhere. We get you're in a relationship, but that doesn't define you. You are a person outside of it and we want to see what you're up to, that doesn't involve your S.O. And if you aren't doing anything without your S.O. involved, you need to work on that independence of yours.


2. Tagging Every Single One of Their Pics With Their S.O. (Even When They're Not in the Photo)

We get tagging your S.O. when they're in a photo, but why the need to tag them in pics they aren't even in? Even if they took it, there's no reason they should be tagged in it. Again, we understand you're dating them. It's very clear from the abundance of photos you two have posted on each other's IG accounts. Are you tagging them just so they can like the pic? If so, it's just a like, get over it. They'll like it when they like it. If that's not the reason for your constant tagging, could you please explain it to us, because we're very confused and would like an answer ASAP.

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3. Going Crazy in the Comments of Each Other's Posts

Commenting a simple heart eyes emoji or an "I love you" is totally fine. We all do this, even when we're not in relationships. What we can't stand though is when couples leave like 75 comments on each other's posts or just have full-on conversations about who adores the other more. It's so ridiculous and something you can save for texting. We get that we sound really bitter by saying that, but c'mon. Think before you post that extra comment.


4. Sharing Their Lovey-Dovey Text Conversations

There is excess in moderation. Sharing a sweet text convo once in a blue moon is fine by us. Sometimes it even makes us believe love exists. But constantly exploiting your personal texts for the world to see, whether it be through a post or on your stories, is way too much. People don't need to see all of that. Save the romance for the two of you and leave the entirety of social media out of it. Trust us, it's irritating your followers more than you know. Once again, we get it.


5. Showcasing Their Relationship Drama for the World to See

On the opposite end of forcing us all to bask in the glow of their romance, couples love making sure everyone is aware of their relationship drama. They'll post about their silly fights and swear that they're leaving them, only to make up .00002 seconds later. No one cares and this is something that should happen behind closed doors. Stop sharing it with the world, because we don't want to see it. We all know this is being done to acquire even more attention.


6. Overusing the #MCM and #WCW Hashtags

When you're dating someone, it's kind of implied that they're your #MCM or #WCW. You don't need to tag every post of the two of you with that hashtag, especially when it's not on Wednesday or Monday. It's obnoxious as it gets. Stick to using those hashtags on special occasions or no more than once a month. Or just don't use it at all, because we're over that hashtag being thrown around in general.

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7. Making Other Couple's Posts About Their Relationship

The single most annoying thing every couple does on IG is make other couple's post about them. One duo will post about their anniversary and another will drop a comment about how theirs is coming up. It's as if couples exist to constantly one-up each other. Can't you all just exist in your own little love bubble? Does every relationship post really need to be about you? We don't think so, so stop trying to make it happen.


Couples aren't the only annoying people on Instagram, we all are. HERE's a list of obnoxious things we're all guilty of doing on social media.