6 Annoying Things That Happen in Every Friend Group

Having a solid group of friends is a great thing.

You're always guaranteed someone to sit with at lunch, someone to go shopping with on the weekends and someone to vent to about all of your S.O. dramz.

But nothing's perfect, and your friend group (or anyone's friend group) is no exception. Keep reading for six annoying things that happen in every friend group.

1. You've Felt Left Out at Some Point

Whether excluded from social media or an after school hang, you've definitely had a head-scratching moment (or two, or 10) in which you've felt totally excluded. Like, what? You thought everyone was friends here, so you seriously don't understand why you weren't included. You're super annoyed, but you get over it, because it's only a matter of time before someone else in the group ends up feeling the same way.

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2. Someone Else Starts Hanging Out With Your Closest Friend in the Group

Chances are, the words "I knew them first!" have come out of your mouth or at least crossed your mind. Yep, it's pretty annoying when the person who you're attached at the hip to suddenly starts becoming after school study buddies with someone else in the group and you're not always included. Referring back to No. 1, chances are you're feeling pretty left out.


3. You've Felt Put in the Middle of Two Friends

With a handful of folks in a friend group who are spending a slew of time together, the chances are pretty great that disputes will ensue. How annoyed are you when two fighting friends try to get you to take sides? You're all about listening to each pal tell their tale, but the last thing you need is feeling automatically inserted into the drama.


4. A Fight You've Had With One Friend Suddenly Becomes Everyone Else's Business

Close friends tend to know each other's business, for better or worse—and with that, word travels fast when you're fighting with one of your crew members. You instantly worry if people are taking sides or if you'll suddenly not be invited to the next group hang. Why can't people keep their drama to themselves?

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5. There's a Ringleader

Unless you're the one calling the shots and making the plans in your friend group, it's such a pain having that one person who dominates how the entire gang's weekend will go. You don't even bother throwing out ideas, because unless you're the leader of the pack, no one is going to go along with your suggestions. And if the leader is mad at you for some reason? You may as well make plans with Netflix for the weekend, because you're not getting invited anywhere.

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6. There's One Member You Can't Stand

It wouldn't be a traditional friend group if there wasn't a member you wanted out. You were probably friendly with this person at one time or another, but at this point, you just want them gone. They give you a weird vibe, but you there's no escaping them. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em is sometimes the attitude you have, but other times you can't help but roll your eyes.


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