8 Annoying Things That Happen to You at the Gym

Let's face the facts: Just going to the gym can be an annoying act in itself—but once ya finally make it there, the frustrations only grow.

Obviously the absolute worst is when all the machines are taken, but keep scrolling for eight additional eyeroll-inducing actions that go down at these fitness facilities:

1. When Someone Hovers Over the Machine You're Using

You get it—everyone wants their shot at their fave machine. After all, that's the whole point of going to the gym. But there's nothing worse than five minutes into your treadmill trek when some annoying girl comes chillin' right beside you. Even though you just began your exercise, you suddenly feel compelled to finish immediately.


2. When a Stranger Corrects You on Your Technique

You're all for doing your exercises correctly, but a) you didn't ask the random dude for his help, and b) he's making you feel like an idiot. You honestly don't think he's going out of his way to make you look dumb, but still, his assistance is unsolicited and you just want to be left alone.

a guy hovers over a girl who is lifting weights at the gym

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3. When You Run Into Someone You Know

Even though so many people participate in group or class exercises, being at the gym alone and sweating your life away is kind of an intimate thing. The last thing you want to do is chat about Suzie's party from the weekend with an acquaintance (especially a cute one). You just want to go in, do your workout and get the heck out, but instead you're forced to fake a smile and hold a conversation while it's secretly eating you away inside.

a guy and girl chat at the gym

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4. When Someone Makes Constant Grunting Noises and You Don't Have Headphones

You get that workouts are hard, but you'd prefer not to be bothered by a fellow fitness-goer's sounds. When you don't have headphones to block out the noise, it can be a real bother.


5. When You Don't Have Headphones, Period

Honestly, probably nothing is worse at the gym than forgetting your headphones. What mainly pumps you up about the sometimes-dreaded workout is the music you get to blast. With music coming from nowhere except the gym's poor quality speakers, it's really hard to put that extra pep into your step.


6. When You See a Girl Your Age Lift Weights Effortlessly

It's bad enough that you see girls all around you rocking their workout ensembles like top models, but when you see those same girls actually being able to lift like pros, too? It drives you nuts.

girl lifts weights at the gym during workout

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7. When You Finish Your Workout and Look Like a Tomato

You walked into the gym with a fresh face of makeup and perfectly coiffed hair from whatever you were doing before, only to leave with your face bright red and hair all over the place once your workout is complete. You know you can't possibly be the only person in the facility who looks this way, but why does it seem like you are?


8. Knowing That a Stranger Previously Sweat on the Machine You're Using

We all know gyms aren't where you go for cleanliness, but when you actually take a moment to analyze the fact that hordes of people have sweat right where you are placing the back of your head, it's a very disheartening visual. Sure, people bring their towels and occasionally do the courtesy wipe on the machines, but let's get real: The machines aren't truly cleaned until the end of the night.


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