Ansel Elgort Is The Perfect Boyfriend (And Our Man Crush Monday)!

We fell in love with Ansel Elgort when we first saw The Fault in Our Stars and we haven't stopped loving him since! He acts, creates music, dances AND cooks! Ansel is basically everything we want in a guy, which is why he's our Man Crush Monday today.

He made us believe in love when he played Gus in The Fault in Our Stars. And we're sure he's just as romantic, if not more, in real life.


Ansel formed an unbreakable bond with his TFiOS costars Nat Wolff and Shailene Woodley and we're high key obsessed with their friendship.


He's kind of a baddie as Caleb in the Divergent series, but we still love him regardless.

And he's not just an actor, he's an incredibly talented DJ, too. There's no way you can listen to his jams without dancing.

Speaking of dancing, did we mention he can actually DANCE?! You better start filling out those prom date applications now!


Ansel cleans up so nicely! He's def the type of guy you take home to meet your parents.

Oh, AND he cooks. There's really nothing he can't do. We know understand the meaning behind 'kiss the cook!'

His emoji game is on point, to say the least.

He's literally all of us when we spy ourselves on a supermarket security cam. #Selfie


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