Prevent Acne With These Tips Straight From a Celeb Dermatologist

There is nothing worse than waking up to a big "gift" on your face from the pimple gods.

Girl looking at her acne in a mirror

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Acne happens, but it seems to always make an appearance at the worst possible time. We spoke to Dr. Nancy Samolitis of Facile dermatology + boutique, and she spilled her clear-skin secrets. Follow the tips below to help keep this pesky condition at bay.

1. Make Sure You Start Clean

Dr. Nancy says you should get an early start on learning how to properly clean your skin. "This is especially important at night when your pores have accumulated buildup and skin has been exposed to a long day of sun, oil, makeup or other products," she tells Sweety High. "Use either a gentle skin cleansing wash or even an over-the-counter acne wash and let it foam up for at least one minute."

A good cleanser can contain activated charcoal, which has millions of tiny pores that trap dirt and residue. A soap with that ingredient will trap impurities and give you a perfect canvas to layer on makeup. Clocking in at less than five bucks, this Yes to Tomatoes option is a no-brainer.

Yes to Carrots Activated Charcoal Soap

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2. Use Anti-Acne Cream Followed by Moisturizer

According to Dr. Nancy, "If you have active acne, now is the time to apply a medicated product."

Whether you dab on over-the-counter benzoyl peroxide or a prescription from your dermatologist, a thick layer will do the trick. She suggests following this step with a moisturizer if your skin tends to be sensitive or dry. One of her favorites is CeraVe PM facial moisturizer, a great non-expensive option for acne-prone skin.

Cerave facial moisturizing lotion for night

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3. Clay It Up

Want a quick, easy way to clean out pores? Try a clay mask. Dr. Nancy suggests slathering it on Sunday night to prep skin for the week ahead.

"For the morning, make sure you use an SPF that is oil-free and contains mineral sunscreen. Same goes for make-up!" she says.

We love this Queen Helene version made out of English clay.

English Clay Masque

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Clear skin can be a stressful situation, but don't worry, we've got you covered! If you still need more skin tips, check out THESE amazing DIY ideas that will get you beautiful skin without breaking the bank.