Anti-bullying Interviews For The End Of October!

October is National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, and all month long we've been sharing stories about how our favorite celebs and more have spread the word.anti bullying month october girl power interviews

Below, we've compiled a handy list of more of our interviews about anti-bullying from 2013!

In this guest blog by X Factor alum and Rio 2 voice actress Rachel Crow, Rachel discusses her own struggles with bullying, and how she persevered! Read here!

In our interview with broadcast journalist Ceilidh Millar, Ceilidh dishes other work as a reporter, as well as advocating for bullying prevention training in schools! Read here!

Musician Myra Sky discusses competing on The Voice, and helping fans deal with insecurity, bullying and more in this interview! Read here!

Our interview with photographer Susannah Benjamin digs into her photographic work which she used to tell stories about the issues that matter to her, including bullying and body image. Read here!

In our interview with Elayna Hasty, founder of Girls Against Bullying Girls, she discusses dealing with both peers and a teacher as bullies, and how she wanted to use her own experience to help others! Read here!

Motivational speaker and entrepreneur Kelly Lovell spoke with us about how she turned her own bullying troubles into a learning experience to empower other bullied youth! Read here!

Zayanne Rifai's interview discusses the creation of her anti-bullying apparel line, Fight Your Ignorance, and how it helps others find their voice in the fight against bullying! Read here!

In our interview with tween Morgan Guess, she told us about the beginning of the Guess Anti-Bullying Foundation, which grew out of her own triumph over bullying. Read here!

Award-winning cheerleader Tony Bronisevsky spoke to us about her work to raise awareness against bullying! Read here!

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