12 Relieving Truths About Taking the AP Test

Do I have any first-time AP test takers in the house?

If so, it's likely that you're beginning to stress out in a very real way. But don't sweat it because we've got you covered.

Scroll below to get some relief with these tips and truths about taking your AP exams:

1. We're all in this together. No, I really mean it! What's unique about AP testing is that everyone takes the test together at the same time. While this fact may not help wipe the sweat off your brow, there's something supportive in the air when every student takes the exam together.

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2. There's always a curve! If you're fretting over an extremely difficult exam, it's likely you'll perform higher than you expect since students across the nation will also struggle with the particularly tough test. Can I get a round of applause for the Curve??

3. In most classes, the AP test signals the end of the year. Of course, you may have a teacher set on giving you one final project or exam, but in most cases you're in for smooth sailing after the completion of this test. Movies on movies on movies!

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4. Look, you've already gotten the grade bump in class regardless of whether you pass the AP exam. While this may feel like the biggest test of your young life, take comfort in knowing it doesn't negatively affect your class grade.

5. You may feel stuck because, like SAT testing, there isn't really a single way to study for these exams. But that's the beautiful part! All year long your teachers have been preparing you for the AP exam, whether you've known it or not. You're ready for this, I promise.

6. To be honest, the most important thing to remember the day of your exam is to bring your No. 2 pencils and ID card.

7. Ready for me to sound crazy for a second? Sometimes, and I really mean sometimes, it works out in your favor to get a 1 or 2 on an AP test. As a person who did in fact fail Spanish 4 AP, it meant that I was able to take lower foreign language classes in college which were much more my pace. Consider it a blessing in disguise.

8. This test is a get-out-of-class-free card! Your AP schedule will interfere with other classes and will break up your daily monotonous routine.

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9. The test may be long and at times difficult, but taking it could mean that you satisfy college credits. Wouldn't you rather take one annoying test than an entire class later on? Absolutely.

10. In my experience, we were able to bring along "comfort objects" if we so desired. Get ready to pack your childhood teddy bear that you definitely don'sleep with every night.

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11. Exact replicas of past year AP exams are available for you to use as practice. Go ahead and try one out, you'll see that these tests aren't as hard as they seem.

12. Once you finish you can put this test behind you for a while. Scores won't come out until summer, and by then, the carefree vibes of the season will have taken hold and the score of your AP test will feel a lot less important.


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