Are Ace Attorney Games As Good on Mobile As They Were on DS? Here's What We Think

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is a sharply written visual novel video game where players take on the role of a young lawyer—and the game is even better now that you can take it with you everywhere on your phone.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney: title screen

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The fourth game in the Ace Attorney seriesApollo Justice puts you in the shoes of the titular character in his first-ever case as he defends in a murder trial.Apollo Justice Ace Attorney: Apollo gets it wrong

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There are particularly high stakes in Apollo's first case, not just because he's a rookie and he's trying to save his client from murder charges, but because the defendant is Phoenix Wright, the star of the first three Ace Attorney games, who's since lost his position as the court's best defense lawyer.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney: cross examination

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The game is smartly laid out, and as Apollo gets his grounding, so does the player right along with him. As Apollo eventually figures things out, so do you, so by the end of the game he's a full-fledged attorney and you feel confident about your own abilities to guide him along every step of that journey.

In each case, it's your job to see that your client is proved innocent. By questioning witnesses, pressing them when things don't add up and finding statements that contradict evidence, you can poke enough holes in the prosecution to get that "not guilty" verdict.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney: inconsistencies

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And after the first trial, you're not confined to the court. You'll also need to navigate crime scenes to talk to people and find out what they know and locate pieces of evidence to bring the real perpetrator to justice.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney: investigating evidence

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Sometimes this involves using forensics to examine traces of blood or dust for fingerprints. Others, it means that Apollo will use his special bracelet that helps him pinpoint when people are lying and use his skills of perception to suss out their nervous tics. Generally, it's the same out Ace Attorney formula with a fun new story and a couple cool additions thrown in.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney: investigating grape juice bottle

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Despite being a longtime fan of the Ace Attorney series myself, I missed Apollo Justice when it first released on the Nintendo DS. Still, this version I've played on the iPhone feels like a seamless transition from the original stylus-controlled game. The mobile version of the game also features fully updated animations that look totally crisp and high-resolution on an iPhone screen.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney: Apollo pointing

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The game features four big court cases in total. The initial download is $0.99 for the first half of the first case, and once you've completed that half you can download the rest of the game for an additional $14.99.

While this is a bit pricier than many other games you'll find in the App Store, it's a deal compared to the $30 you might spend buying it for the DS. I recommend spending the first dollar to test it out and buying the rest if you like what you see.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney: on to something

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You should also be warned that the game takes up a whipping 2.4 FB on iOS, so if you want to play it, you're probably going to have to make some room. In my opinion, it's totally worth it.

Apollo Justice Ace Attorney: Olga Orly

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If you've played other Ace Attorney games and loved the detailed storytelling, outlandish characters and puzzle solving involved, you're not going to be disappointed with Apollo Justice.


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