Apollo Is a Jewelry Subscription Box Custom Made for YOU

Like my colleagues, I can't get enough of subscription boxes.

With pretty much every theme under the sun, these special deliveries help us discover new brands and products in our areas of interest.

Last week, I scored a pair of the comfiest, not-yet-on-shelves pair of Niyama Sol leggings in a wellness box curated by J-Lo. Shortly before that, I had a chance to play around with multiple lipstick shades in a box for lipstick lovers. One of my colleagues even recently reviewed a date box (see below).

Datebox: Image of Donut Go Breaking My Heart Datebox

(via Datebox)

While there are usually at least a few items we absolutely love in the boxes we receive, some of them have us scratching our heads, like, What on earth am I going to do with this? That's where Apollo comes in. It's designed with your very specific jewelry preferences in mind.

Curious to see how spot-on they were, I happily obliged when an Apollo rep reached out about me reviewing one of their boxes.

The Product

Based on my preferences, I received  a four-piece set that included dangly cherry earrings, a small, handmade ring, an orange sun necklace and dangly fan-shaped earrings. I received a form that listed how much each item would cost if they were purchased individually. My box was worth $89.95, but only cost $50.

Apollo offers four subscription plans: $30 per month, with a value of up to $50; $50 per month with a value up to $80; $30 per quarter with a value up to $50; and $50 per quarter with a value up to $80.



The Experience

Before my box shipped, I filled out a detailed survey, which included everything from my jewelry and style preference(s) to my favorite animal and favorite color. I listed that I wanted earrings for pierced ears, rings and necklaces. I also selected "boho," "floral" and "cute" as my favorite styles. I didn't have a metal preference, and I opted for hoop or dangle as my earring choice.

When my box arrived, I immediately put on the Thaya Van Gogh handmade ring. It fit perfectly on my pinky. Dainty yet detailed, the small blue and silver accessory is the perfect accompaniment to my finger.

I've never been much of a cherries girl, but the earrings are cute if that's your thing. I'll have to play around with my wardrobe and find a way to incorporate this new accessory into an outfit.

Because I do love pink, I can certainly find a use for the fan earrings. I've never worn fans before, but I think they could be a cute addition to the right ensemble.

The sun is the item I'm probably least likely to wear. I take responsibility for selecting black metal in my preferences. I've done this in the past and regretted it then, too. I think black metal tends to look like cheaper quality than other options, and the sun isn't necessarily my style. That said, this won't go to waste. I already have the perfect recipient in mind to receive the regift.



Bottom Line

I had so much fun receiving my Apollo box. Jewelry is so creative in general, and no matter how much you own, you've never seen all that's out there. While I do recommend this box, I suggest thinking your preferences through long and hard. If I could go back, I'd uncheck the "cute" and "black metal" options.

That said, you can tell a lot of love and thought went into the boxes. I received a sweet note from the Apollo team, and cute jewelry bags that accompanied a couple of the pieces. Also, the concept of the box is innovative. I love the idea of being surprised and introduced to new things, yet still having it centered around my specific wants. Also, given the value and frequency of the delivered items, if something gets lost or breaks, you have plenty of other options to use without the guilt you'd feel with something expensive.


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