How to Apply Fake Eyelashes in 30 Seconds

I've been into makeup since I was in junior high.

Granted, that doesn't mean I've always been good at makeup, but it definitely piqued my interest early on. That said, all these years later, one area I have yet to master is applying fake eyelashes. I guess part of the reason is that I've been #blessed with naturally long lashes and have never felt like falsies served a purpose.

The other reason is that I simply just don't know how. I've watched a few tutorials here and there, and I've spent ample time in front of a mirror on a few occasions, but the end result has always been a clumpy, sticky mess. The last time I even bothered trying was a year ago, and it made me late to a friend's birthday party, with smeared eye makeup that made me look like I'd been crying all night.

I recently decided to give the ol' eyelash application process another go, after receiving a sample of Endure Beauty's Lash Essential Kit. Keep reading to find out about my experience!

The Product

The six-piece Lash Essential Kit was delivered in a black, silver confetti-filled box, complete with one pair of faux mink lashes, a pair of under eye gel therapy pads, a black makeup remover cloth, a plastic magenta application clamp and a plastic black glue wand screw. The kit total is $45.10.


The only products needed for application are the lashes, glue and clamp. I'd never seen an eyelash clamp before, so it got me curious. I've only seen people apply lashes with tweezers, which have never provided enough support for my trials.

I was immediately impressed with the appearance of the lashes. They looked perfectly groomed and quite high quality. I also was taken by the cute, sparkly plastic case they came in, which resembles a compact without a mirror.


The Experience

I was alarmed at first because I scoured the brand's Instagram and website, and there were no videos I could find on how to apply the lashes. I ended up just having to operate on a whim, combining common sense with a few pointers I've recently picked up from makeup artists.

I began by snipping 1/4 off of each chunk of lashes, and then placing two lines of glue on the black, stretchy band of each chunk. I waited 30 seconds for the glue to semi-dry, then placed one of the chunks into the pink clamp. From there, I held the clamp close to my natural lash line, set the glued portion on top, and unlocked the clamp. Voila, a star is born! I followed the same process for the other chunk, and yep, just like that, my lashes brought new life to my otherwise bare eyes.

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I wasn't sure if the lashes would shift or if they would come undone over time, but five hours into my workday and they were still going strong, also without irritation (a bonus). My only misstep was not applying my eyeshadow beforehand. That's one area where I wasn't sure about timing, so I decided to leave that process for later. Apparently, you're supposed to apply shadow beforehand, but I guess later tonight we'll see how everything pans out when I do things in reverse.

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Bottom Line

In my more than 2.5 decades of life, this is the best and quickest I've ever applied my own lashes. While the length of the lashes gives them away as falsies, the quality is solid, and I think once I have a whole face full of makeup with an outfit that complements the look, the lashes will blend in seamlessly.


While I absolutely wish Endure had an easy-to-find application video on their site or 'gram, luckily the clamp makes things pretty self-explanatory. I'm so glad I trimmed a bit of each lash clump and waited for the glue to dry for 30 seconds because those both played a vital role in the ease of my application.

I do think $40 is a bit steep for the kit. While the under-eye patches are an excellent addition, they aren't a necessity for fake eyelash application, nor is the cloth. The lash bands alone are $20, which I also personally think is a bit much (even though they are reusable and high quality). But if you have a particularly important occasion and want your lashes to look their best, then this is a splurge-worthy item. I wish the clamp was sold separately or just with the lashes. I would absolutely purchase a $20 set of just the two.

Overall, I'm impressed with how little effort went into my application. I completed the process straight from my desk at work and received compliments as the day went on! Fingers crossed this wasn't a fluke and that it's just as easy the next time around.


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