Your Sleep Schedule Should Be a Little Less Dysfunctional Thanks to These Apps

Whether it's because you're stressed about finals or you can't stop yourself from staying up until 2 a.m. unnecessarily scrolling through Twitter, getting the right amount of sleep isn't always the easiest thing in the world.

Thankfully, we were able to find a solution to this problem with the help of these six apps. Keep scrolling to discover which one's the best for assisting with those sleep troubles:

Sleeping Beauty asleep

(via Walt Disney Productions)


1. Yoga for Insomnia

This app's main goals are to help you fall asleep faster and improve your sleep patterns through a variety of yoga poses that relieve stress and promote relaxation.

Cost: $2.99

Yoga for Insominia app screen shot

(via Yoga for Insomnia)


2. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is so much more than just an alarm clock. It watches you while you sleep—kind of like Santa—and notes when you are in your lightest sleep in order to wake you up at the right time to have you feeling ready to take on the day ahead.

Cost: Free

Sleep Cycle app screen shots

(via Sleep Cycle)


3. Sleep Genius

This genius app quiets your brain without the use of white noise or any other sort of crutch. Astronauts even use this app to catch some Zzzs when they're exploring the galaxy.

Cost: $4.99

Sleep Genius app screen shots

(via Sleep Genius)


4. Sleep Pillow

Sleep Pillow has tons of mellow tunes that you can put on as background noise while you drift off into a deep slumber. The second you find just the right one for you, you'll hopefully be knocked out.

Cost: $2.99

Sleep Pillow app screen shots

(via Sleep Pillow)


5. Pzizz

Pzizz is all about getting you to de-stress with the variety of soundtracks they play while you either sleep or power nap.

Cost: Free

Pzizz app screen shots

(via Pzizz)


6. SleepBot

This handy-dandy app tracks your sleep cycle and reveals everything about the way you rest. From how long you actually slept to the times you moved around most, SleepBot knows all and uses that to help you catch those necessary Zzzs.

Cost: Free

SleepBot app screen shot

(via SleepBot)


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