If You Like Musical.ly, You'll LOVE These 6 Apps

As you know, we're huge fans of the 15-second lip-sync videos musical.ly brings us on the reg.

And because we just can't get enough of our fav app, we've been on the hunt to find additional programs that bring us the same joy as this one.

Keep reading to find out what they are!


When looking for alternatives to musical.ly, you'll hear the app Dubsmash thrown around a lot, mainly because it's been around for a really long time and allows you to do everything Musical.ly does and beyond. However, in addition to being able to record and lip sync to music clips, you can also lip-sync clips from your fave TV shows, movies, even cartoons! This app also focuses more on community, and has more of a SnapChat-style feel with two columns—one dedicated to popular stories and the other populated with your friends' stories.



If you're looking for something that looks and feels just like musical.ly, then Funimate might be your best bet. This app allows you to record yourself lip-syncing to a popular music track, but it oneups musical.ly by allowing you to add tons of cool effects and emojis to your video. Another perk of Funimate is that you aren't bound to one style of video like you are with musical.ly—you can also create compilations, slow motion videos and loads of additional formats.



Cheez is a cool app that's basically a musical.ly-meets-Vine hybrid. With this app, you can record instantly, or chose to add individual clips to create a full video. Cheez has all of the musical.ly functions and creative capabilities of Funimate, but it really drives home the community angle and hosts weekly dance-offs and challenges, which make it fun and interactive.


Tik Tok

Tik tok is another short video-editing app that's taken many cues from musical.ly. Once you open this app, you'll instantly see the similarities. However, Tik Tok also has enabled artificial intelligence capabilities that provide a cool intuitive experience.



Even though Flipagram is more of an editing app, it has a massive community of creators who make standout content. Flipagram has tons of editing tools, filters and effects that allow you to show off your creative side, too! You're not going to find your standard run-of-the-mill lip-sync videos on here, but you can get really crafty making videos with your friends. And because of musical.ly's popularity, Flipagram has introduced an option where you can make music videos choosing from their big library of artists.



If you're looking for a serious editing app, look no further than Triller. With this, you can do everything from editing high-quality films on your phone, to recording lip-sync videos from their huge arsenal of songs. The only downside is that there is no community aspect of Triller, so it's not a place where you can connect with other creators. However, you can collab with your friends to create a group video.

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